Kurang Tinggi



The starting point for Gunung Tapis is less than an hour from the city of Kuantan, in the pleasant tourism-friendly town of Sungai Lembing, home to one of the world’s largest underground tin mines.



Tioman is the only significantly mountainous island of several scattered off Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. Despite being a popular holiday island, the forest remains very wild and is home to some endemic species. Most visitors to Tioman get their first view of the island’s peaks from the boat over from Mersing.



Gunung Ambang is an excellent volcanic crater complex and one of the easiest hikes in Sulawesi, requiring just over 2 hours to reach the summit via the crater from the trailhead. It is well-known for its bird life – you stand a very good chance of spotting eagles if you stay in the area for a couple of hours. The best starting point for Gunung Ambang is Desa Bongkudai Baru which is about 40 minutes by car from the small city of Kotamobagu.

Kie Besi (Mailoa)


Gunung Kie Besi is the volcano of the island of Makian, which lies in the volcanic chain off the west coast of Halmahera – Ternate, Tidore, Moti, Makian and Bacan. Like Gn Gamalama (Ternate) and Kie Matubu (Tidore), Kie Besi dominates the entire island leaving only a narrow coastal strip and the lower slopes for plantations. Coconut, nutmeg and cloves are the dominant tree crops with some canari and cinnamon.



Along with nearby Gunung Dukono also in northern Halmahera, Gunung Ibu is a highly active and fascinating volcano well worth visiting by hikers and volcano enthusiasts. Just looking at the volcano on a topographic map suggests that in ancient times this was a fearsome place, with the villages to the north being located in what looks like a primordial outer caldera floor.

Olet Sangenges


This peak is the highest in a vast forested range in Western Sumbawa and is sometimes climbed by local hikers but remains relatively unknown. There are two main routes to the top, one of which is much easier than the other.



This beautiful mountain is the highest point of Kabaena island and is probably the second-most popular hike in the province of Southeast Sulawesi. It takes a long time to get to from major cities but has some of the nicest scenery in all of Sulawesi.

Sirung (Kukka Taupekki)


Gunung Sirung is one of the less visited volcanoes of Indonesia, but one of the most fascinating. The very same could be said of the entire island of Pantar itself, though in 2021 there is a small new airport operating regional flights. Perhaps the most mystical island in a very mystical nation, it is difficult to visit even for a day or two without having some very thought-provoking incidents!

Dola Koyakoya


Dola Koyakoya is the highest point of Alor island and is the last major peak in the island chain east of Java running all the way from Bali to Timor Leste (East Timor). It is home to a large number of deer and, like many of the highest hills from Lembata island eastwards, the higher slopes are incredibly scenic eucalyptus forest with plenty of distant views and reasonably easy walking.



Tana Toraja is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful regions, and the little-known Gunung Ambeso is Toraja’s most fantastic half-day hike. Surrounded by karst ridges, fascinating local architecture and very friendly people, it may only be a matter of time before this mountain becomes much more famous.

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