Gunung Parang is one of the most interesting peaks in Java. Despite being clearly visible as a jagged rocky ridge from the Jakarta-Bandung toll road, up until recently it was something of a secret, generally known only to Indonesian rock climbers. From some angles it very closely resembles the famous and unusual Scottish mountain Suilven. By 2017, things have changed and this fabulous and accessible mountain is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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Fatu Timau

Fatu Timau is a beautiful little mountain that appears pyramid-shaped from many angles. It’s one of the easiest Ribus to bag as its only about 400 metres from the carpark to the summit. Unlike most mountains in Indonesia, that are volcanic, mountains in Timor are non-volcanic. Few foreigners and even locals visit this area so don’t be surprised if they are bemused to see you!

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