GPS Tracks

Maps and signs on trails are relatively poor in Indonesia, and GPS devices are becoming more and more popular. On our GPS Tracks page you can download tracks that we have compiled from the community of hikers in Indonesia. Please contact us to contribute your tracks. Tracks are free to download, but we give no guarantee is given of their accuracy. Use entirely at your own risk! [more]

Trekking Advice

Indonesia is among the most volcanically active countries on the planet, which means there are considerable dangers associated with climbing mountain peaks. Indonesian and international volcanology agencies and local village advice should be sought and respected – it really can be a matter of life and death. Check out our Trekking Advice before you climb. [more]

Media and Articles

We’ve received some very kind coverage in the local and international press (thanks!), and also received some fascinating contributions to the Gunung Bagging website, most notably “What Do the Names of the Mountains of Java Mean?” by Dr. George Quinn from Australian National University (no relation to Dan). [more]

Gunung Bagging Spreadsheet

Planning to get into the Gunung Bagging Hall of Fame? Track your progress bagging the Ribus and Spesials using our Excel spreadsheet containing all the mountains, elevations, prominence figures and more.

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