What is a Ribu?

A prominent summit with at least 1,000 metre elevation drop all around

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What is Bagging?

‘Collecting’ a mountain by reaching the highest point.

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As a Premium member you support the development of our non-profit website and its resources and gain access to the following regularly updated resources:

  1. GPS Tracks and Waypoints Database – currently features 335 tracks including 299 routes for 208 mountains! Download as many as you like in both KML and GPX format.
  2. Guides Database – currently features guides for 235 mountains, including contact details for guides, porters, basecamps, and National Parks.
  3. Free eBook – a free copy of Gunung Nusantara eBook (in PDF/EPUB formats) introducing 100 accessible mountain and volcano treks across the Indonesian archipelago, from Aceh to Maluku.
  4. Hiking Community – share your hiking plans with other members of the premium community and the opportunity to join not-for-profit hikes to both well-known and obscure mountains with Gunung Bagging.
  5. Trip Planning Assistance – free support arranging guides and logistics via email for up to three Ribus per year.
  6. Download PDF files at no extra charge for all the most popular mountains so that you can save the information for use when trekking and away from internet, along with the guides and GPS tracks data (currently 202 and growing).

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Explore by Category

Sangat Tinggi

(Very High) Over 3000 m elevation

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Sedang Tinggi

(Fairly High) 2000 to 3000 m elevation

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Kurang Tinggi

(Less High) Below 2000 m elevation

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(Non-Ribu) A special reason to bag it

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