Filming Locations in Indonesia

Indonesia is an immense tropical country of approximately 17,000 islands. In what is the largest archipelago on Earth there is a vast number of evocative and world-class natural backdrops ideally suited as filming locations.

The sheer diversity is dazzling; from the sweltering heat down at sea level to chilly mountain areas where the temperature often gets close to zero; from rice terraces and lofty volcanoes in Java to spacious upland meadows of eucalyptus on certain south-eastern islands; from rural villages surrounded by dense jungle that have changed little in centuries to some of the most-modern looking city streets in Asia.

The Founders of Gunung Bagging have travelled extensively throughout the archipelago over many years and the breadth of our knowledge and local experience is second to none. Some of the islands that we are familiar with include Sumatra, Weh, Nias, Natuna, Sebesi, Krakatau (Krakatoa), Panaitan, Java, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Bangka, Belitung, Batam, Bintan, Sulawesi, Timor, Sumba, Flores, Halmahera, Siau, Sangihe, Ternate, Tidore, Ambon, Pura, Adonara, Lembata, Alor, Sumbawa, Lombok and of course Bali.

We have also compiled a substantial photographic archive focussing primarily on mountain and volcano landscapes.

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We can offer assistance with filming projects as follows. Help with deciding on locations and detailed information on logistics such as time required, route, local accommodation and transportation options. In many cases, local contacts for local village leaders whose permission is usually essential for projects to go ahead in more remote regions. 

For further details please use the contact form on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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