Daniel is an acclaimed composer and teacher who divides his time between the city of Jakarta, Indonesia & the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. His 2014 project ‘Making Tracks: Researching the Mountains of Malaysia and Indonesia’ was supported by the Royal Geographical Society with a Neville Shulman Challenge Award. He views Gunung Bagging as an extended art project. He is currently setting up a new consultancy initiative about critical thinking & creative problem solving. Dan is keen to hear from hikers in Peninsular Malaysia as he hopes to explore that region further in 2021.


Dr Andy DeanAndy is a geographical information systems, remote sensing, and knowledge management consultant who has worked and travelled in numerous countries in Asia and Africa. From 2008 to 2011 Andy was Vice President of PT Hatfield Indonesia, an environmental, forestry and geomatics consulting company based in Indonesia. Andy is now a Senior Partner based at Hatfield Consultants’ head office in Vancouver, Canada. Andy completed the Gunung Bagging prominence analysis using software tools and elevation data to systematically identify the Ribus and calculate their elevation and prominence. Andy hopes to continue bagging volcanoes when he visits Indonesia.


Despite the name, Fuji is not that into hiking mountains and volcanoes!

An Indonesian citizen, she does all the admin tasks for the Gunung Bagging website.



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