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(Last updated 24th August 2021)

Gunung Bagging Trips – the basics:

What? Provisional list of hiking trips in Indonesia / Malaysia / Timor Leste over the next 12 months published below. Premium Subscribers are free to add their own using the form at the bottom of the page. This page is an overview – the full details/itineraries and estimated costs are to be requested directly from the trip leader. Occasionally this list also includes trips to other sites of interest such as megaliths and remote islands, especially during the rainy season when many mountains are closed. Obviously the travel rules both domestically and internationally continue to change frequently so we sometimes need to adapt accordingly in order to follow the rules. A few more Gunung Bagging-led trips may be added in due course.

When? Months are specified but dates in some cases are not yet confirmed until closer to the time by the trip leader, so that anyone interested in joining can get in touch and see if we can find the most convenient schedule to suit. This also protects privacy. The earlier you announce or join trips, the more chance there is of the trip happening. Flight costs are sometimes cheaper the more in advance you can book, and seats on weekend trains to/from Jakarta can sell out several weeks before the date. So it’s best to plan ahead as much as you can. We allow trip plans to be published up to 12 months (one year) in advance. Most of the Gunung Bagging-led trips start and end in Jakarta, but you are welcome to join nearer the mountain.

Who? These trips are open to all, but you need to be very fit, reasonably experienced and ideally have all the equipment you need (ask trip leader for details). The trips are led by Gunung Bagging or by Gunung Bagging Premium Subscribers, and are non-commercial (i.e not-for-profit) – see detailed notes below. Premium Subscribers are welcome to submit their own trip plans using the form below, but we will only change the date or details once or twice after it has been submitted initially (and this may take us some time if we are away on a trek ourselves). 

Hikes in bold are Gunung Bagging-led hikes, usually with Dan.
Dates in italics are tentative and not yet confirmed.
Trips in RED are full and/or joining is no longer possible.
See the notes below for further information on the ‘code’ information.

Gunung Dukono, Gunung IbuGunung Ambang, and Buku Sibela, North Maluku and Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Dates: September 2021 TBC according to travel rules.
  • Details: Multi-day trip to two volcanic peaks on Halmahera, one in North Sulawesi and then to the highest peak in North Maluku province (Buku Sibela). All but Sibela are day-hikes. Sibela is 3 days (2 nights camping). Approximately 10 days in total but participants are welcome to join for just one part of the trip.
  • Transport/itinerary: Fly to Kao (Halmahera) via Manado for Dukono and Ibu, back to Manado, then to Gn Ambang, on to Bacan by Wings Air from Manado via Ternate for Buku Sibela. Home from Bacan via Ternate.
  • Code: TC
  • Contact: Dan Quinn / danpquinn AT gmail DOT com / +6281284062778

Gunung Sirung, Gunung Tuntuli and Ili Werung, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

  • Dates: October 2021 TBC
  • Details: Multi-day trip to the remote islands of Pantar and Lembata. The aim of the Sirung trek is to visit the highest peak from the west. All three are day-hikes. in one of Indonesia’s most fascinating regions.
  • Transport/itinerary: Fly via Kupang to Alor, boat over to Pantar for Tuntuli and Sirung, then charter a boat to Lembata for Ili Werung. Fly home from Lewoleba via Kupang. Expected to be 6 days in total.
  • Code: TC
  • Contact: Dan Quinn / danpquinn AT gmail DOT com / +6281284062778

Doro Pundunence and Sangeang Api, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

  • Dates: November 2021 TBC
  • Details: Multi-day trip to the rarely-visited active volcano island of Sangeang Api plus a mountain with good views in eastern Sumbawa. 
  • Transport/itinerary: Fly via Bali or Lombok to Bima, charter boat over to Sangeang. Then back to Sumbawa for Pundunence. Fly home from Bima. Expected to be 6 days in total.
  • Code: TC
  • Contact: Dan Quinn / danpquinn AT gmail DOT com / +6281284062778

Binaiya, Maluku, Indonesia

  • Dates: December 2021 TBC
  • Details: Multi-day trip to Maluku’s highest mountain (over 3,000m). A six-day trek in the Manusela National Park.
  • Transport/itinerary: Fly to Ambon, boat over to Seram. Expected to be 8 or 9 days in total.
  • Code: TC
  • Contact: Dan Quinn / danpquinn AT gmail DOT com / +6281284062778

Gunung Torenali and Gunung Galang, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Dates: January 2022 TBC
  • Details: Multi-day trip to Sulawesi Tengah. Galang requires two nights camping. Then back to Palu and one night camping at Lake Tambing the night before the Torenali day-hike, then stay in a hotel in Palu before flying home. 
  • Transport/itinerary: Fly to Palu then on to Toli-toli for Gn Galang. Torenali on the way back. Expected to be 7 days in total.
  • Code: TC
  • Contact: Dan Quinn / danpquinn AT gmail DOT com / +6281284062778

Code information:
TC = Trip planner / leader’s costs are covered by participants (or as much as realistically possible) but he or she does not make profit from the trip. These costs include his or her transport to and from the trailhead plus any simple accommodation required but does not include his or her food costs for which he or she should personally pay for. Trip may not go ahead without guide’s costs being fully covered. Speak to lead contact for full details. Premium Subscribers pay NOTHING to the trip planner or leader, and simply pay their own portion of the costs, split equally.
NC = Non-commercial. Costs to be shared equally by participants. Usually pay cash on the day. Informal.

IMPORTANT NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Whilst the vast majority of trips are great fun and no problems occur it is still vital to remember that all participants join at their own risk and should arrange their own travel insurance as appropriate. Gunung Bagging cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injury that could result from joining trips that are publicized on this page or the site in general, or for disagreements such as relating to non-refunded deposits. All agreements about the trips are held entirely between participants and the trip leader or contact listed. If you use Gunung Bagging to either join or publicize a trip then you agree to the above. 

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