East Java contains some of the largest and most impressive mountain massifs in Indonesia and there are relatively few hikes that can be completed in a single day. The provincial capital is the city of Surabaya, which has an international airport, and the area is served by reasonably good railway services, connecting Banyuwangi, Malang and Surabaya with destinations in other Java provinces.

Semeru, Java’s highest peak, Arjuno, Argopuro, Lawu, and Raung are all world-class mountain hikes. Butak and Ijen (Merapi) also offer splendid views. Bromo (Pananjakan) is perhaps the most famous viewpoint in Indonesia, and understandably so. Penanggungan is a fascinating, holy mountain easily climbed as a day trip from Surabaya or with one night camping. Liman is the highest peak in a large, remote mountain range not yetwell-known by hikers. Baluran is the most easterly mountain in Java, though infrequently climbed due to access issues. Lamongan (Tarub) is a superb double-peak with a spectacular deep crater. Kelud is one of the most volatile volcanoes in Indonesia and its summit cliffs are the domain of serious rock climbers only. Pulau Bawean (Gunung Besar) is a very friendly island 150km north of Surabaya which offers a decent hike to the island highpoint.

If you are not a fan of sharing the summit views with hundreds of other hikers, it is best you go either mid-week or during Ramadan, as over the last decade the number of hikers on mountains across Java during the weekend has increased unimaginably. This means that trails are usually obvious (though badly-eroded) but also that there is a fair amount of litter and if camping you may not get much sleep due to the incessant chattering of local student hikers.

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A Selection of Photos of East Java’s Ribus

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Map of East Java’s Ribus

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Statistics and Links to East Java’s Ribus




Ribu Category     


Semeru 3,676 m 3,676 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Java  
Arjuno 3,339 m 2,811 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Java  
Raung 3,332 m 3,069 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Java  
Lawu 3,265 m 3,118 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Java  
Argopuro 3,088 m 2,745 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Java  
Butak 2,868 m 1,673 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Java  
Ijen (Merapi) 2,803 m 1,218 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Java  
Bromo (Pananjakan) 2,782 m 586 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  
Liman 2,563 m 2,130 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Java  
Anjasmoro 2,372 m 641 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  
Kelud 1,724 m 938 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  
Lamongan (Tarub) 1,667 m 1,108 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Java  
Penanggungan 1,653 m 1,020 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Java  
Baluran 1,265 m 1,022 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Java  
Ringgit 1,249 m 890 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  
Pulau Bawean (Gunung Besar) 655 m 655 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  

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  1. Hi Dan. Woow what an incredible story to climb the Punjak sejati of gunung Raung. Well written story. I could feel the excitement at the relief to be back at punjak pendera just reading the story. Congratulations to you for that achievement. I would love to be somebody who has done that. Would you ever do that again?

    I haven’t done any volcano for three years after Agung for the 53th time with Mila and her becoming husband Shaun. I was fit then. After the 3 years of abstinence of hiking volcanoes I did Agung from pasar Agung temple with Heinz. I bumped into him at a beach in Nusa Dua. We chatted and then he said, you wane do a Agung hike. I said Yeah, when; he said next Tuesday, which was in 3 days, i said yeah and we went with a Spanish buddy of his, Sergio. I could do it but i was exhausted when we where back down again. But I wane do it again.
    I’m always in Watu karung now. Its difficult to travel between the islands if you’re not vaccinated. But I rally like it here. I would send you some pics if you want. but i need your WA nr. Keep on hiking. Im getting a little old, but I’m still healthy. i wish you all the best. RGDS. Roman

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