Sumatera Utara

The provincial capital of North Sumatra is Medan. Kuala Namu is the international airport for Medan and also has many regional flights.

Two hours from Medan is Berastagi, a mountain town close to Sibayak and Sinabung. The province includes Lake Toba which was formed after the world’s biggest ever eruption 74,000 years ago. In the middle of Lake Toba is Pulau Samosir, and several mountains, including Pangulubao and Sibuatan, offer views of the lake from the ‘mainland’ and have rare plant species on their slopes. Further south near the border with West Sumatra is an interesting volcano called Sorikmarapi.

A Selection of Photos of North Sumatra’s Ribus

Map of North Sumatra’s Ribus

Download these peaks as a kml file.

Statistics and Links to North Sumatra’s Ribus




Ribu Category     


Sibuatan 2,457 m 1,800 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Sinabung 2,450 m 1,133 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Pangulubao 2,215 m 1,031 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Sibayak (Pintau) 2,212 m 762 m Google MarkerSpesial Sumatra  
Malea 2,199 m 1,422 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Kulabu 2,173 m 1,366 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Sorikmarapi 2,145 m 744 m Google MarkerSpesial Sumatra  
Pusuk Buhit 1,982 m 810 m Google MarkerSpesial Sumatra  
Lubuk Raya 1,880 m 874 m Google MarkerSpesial Sumatra  
Samosir 1,698 m 791 m Google MarkerSpesial Sumatra  
Dolok Gongonan 1,440 m 1,051 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Sumatra  

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