The province of Jambi is the eastern region of central Sumatra. The capital is Jambi city and the area is served by Sultan Thaha airport. However, to reach the excellent Gunung Kerinci, it is a better option to fly to Padang in West Sumatra province, or if your luggage is 10kg or less fly via Jambi to the Kerinci airport in Sungai Penuh.

Gunung Tujuh is well-known as the neighbour to Sumatra’s highest peak, Gunung Kerinci (which itself is on the border with West Sumatra) and the easy trek to the lake is thoroughly worthwhile. Getting to the summit is another matter entirely. Masurai is a descent 2 or 3-day hike and there are now flights from Jakarta to Muara Bungo which means what once was a very remote mountain is slightly more accessible. The other peaks (Sumbing (Sumatera) and Raya) are also excellent mountains but not very commonly climbed except by local hunters and so there is very little information on them and whether or not any trails to the summits exist.

A Selection of Photos of Jambi’s Ribus

Map of Jambi’s Ribus

Download these peaks as a kml file.

Statistics and Links to Jambi’s Ribus




Ribu Category     


Kerinci 3,805 m 3,805 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Sumatra  
Masurai 2,933 m 1,789 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Tujuh 2,732 m 1,250 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Raya 2,543 m 1,273 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  
Sumbing (Sumatera) 2,507 m 1,063 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra  

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