Banten province lies at the western end of the island of Java. Prior to 2000, it was part of West Java province. Now a quiet yet fascinating town, Banten port on the north coast was once the most important in the whole of Southeast Asia. The province has a toll road running through it from Jakarta to Merak port (for access to Sumatra island) but train services all the way from Jakarta to Merak take a long time, longer than the journey by bus.

To get to Pandeglang, the Jakarta commuter line (green line) is of use as it reaches as far as Rangkasbitung, where onward transportation can be arranged. To get to Serang or Merak, Banten’s provincial capital, take a bus from Kalideres in West Jakarta, Kampung Rambutan in East Jakarta, or, better still, hire a vehicle and/or driver. There are plenty of angkot routes connecting Serang and neighbouring towns incuding Pandeglang.

Halimun is one of the wildest forest peaks in Java and is on the border of Banten and West Java. Access is usually limited to scientists and researchers. The twin peaks of Karang and Pulosari are popular hiking destinations for local students from the nearby town of Pandeglang and Raksa on remote Panaitan island is home to one of the oldest Hindu statues in Indonesia.

A Selection of Photos of Banten’s Ribus

Map of Banten’s Ribus

Download these peaks as a kml file.

Statistics and Links to Banten’s Ribus




Ribu Category     


Halimun (North) 1,929 m 938 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  
Karang 1,778 m 1,705 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Java  
Pulosari 1,346 m 890 m Google MarkerSpesial Java  
Raksa 329 m 329 m Google MarkerSpesial Panaitan  

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