Buku Sibela


Buku Sibela is the highest point of the island of Bacan and lies within Gunung Sibela Nature Reserve. It is also the highest peak in North Maluku province. Until quite recently, very few hikers had heard of it, but it is slowly growing in popularity and the superb views from the summit ridge make it well worth the effort getting to.

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Given their close proximity to the huge Gunung Rinjani, the grassy mountains to the east of Sembalun are easy to overlook. However, these pleasant ridges provide some outstanding views to both Rinjani and eastwards to the ocean and the island of Sumbawa and are well worth a hike in their own right.

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Gunung or Bukit Daun is one of the highest and most prominent peaks in the southern half of the island of Sumatra and in recent years a hike to the lake near the top has been growing in popularity with local hikers. The lower slopes of the mountain are covered in coffee and tea plantations and there are some small, coloured crater lakes on the north-eastern side which could be visited if you have an extra day in the area.

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Sirung (Kukka Taupekki)


Gunung Sirung is one of the less visited volcanoes of Indonesia, but one of the most fascinating. The very same could be said of the entire island of Pantar itself, though in 2021 there is a small new airport operating regional flights. Perhaps the most mystical island in a very mystical nation, it is difficult to visit even for a day or two without having some very thought-provoking incidents!

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Dola Koyakoya


Dola Koyakoya is the highest point of Alor island and is the last major peak in the island chain east of Java running all the way from Bali to Timor Leste (East Timor). It is home to a large number of deer and, like many of the highest hills from Lembata island eastwards, the higher slopes are incredibly scenic eucalyptus forest with plenty of distant views and reasonably easy walking.

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Tana Toraja is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful regions, and the little-known Gunung Ambeso is Toraja’s most fantastic half-day hike. Surrounded by karst ridges, fascinating local architecture and very friendly people, it may only be a matter of time before this mountain becomes much more famous.

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Pulau Damar (pronounced locally as “Damer”) is part of the Maluku Barat Daya (“MBD”) archipelago, often referred to as the “forgotten islands” of Indonesia. Damar is a seriously beautiful island dominated by the active volcano Wurlali, whose multiple peaks, dotted with fumaroles and streaked with yellow sulphur, rise above a green blanket of seemingly impenetrable jungle.

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Gunung Mbeliling is the westernmost significant mountain on the island of Flores. Probably because of its proximity to Labuan Bajo – where many tourists stay before or after visiting Komodo island – a Mbeliling hike has in recent years become part of the ecotourism options available to visitors to West Flores and has featured prominently in tourism literature for the area.

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