South Sulawesi is comprised of the south western peninsula of Sulawesi island. The provincial capital is Makassar which has regular flights from across the archipelago.

The province contains Sulawesi’s two most prominent peaks, Rantemario and Moncong Lompobatang. Both are climbed regularly by students from Makassar. The most popular hike is actually Gunung Bawakaraeng which is Lompobatang’s slightly lower but equally impressive neighbour. Ambeso is a fabulous half-day hike in Tana Toraja, one of Indonesia’s most fascinating and beautiful regions. Most other peaks in the province require much longer treks and are usually only climbed during student hiking expeditions lasting a week or more.

A Selection of Photos of South Sulawesi’s Ribus

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Map of South Sulawesi’s Ribus

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Statistics and Links to South Sulawesi’s Ribus




Ribu Category     


Rantemario 3,440 m 3,440 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Sulawesi  
Balease (Tolangi) 3,016 m 1,587 m Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Sulawesi  
Moncong Lompobatang 2,886 m 2,868 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sulawesi  
Kambuno (Lantangunta) 2,855 m 1,199 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sulawesi  
Bawakaraeng 2,840 m 524 m Google MarkerSpesial Sulawesi  
Ambeso 1,971 m 1,005 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Sulawesi  
Buntu Puang 1,925 m 852 m Google MarkerSpesial Sulawesi  
Tondongkarambu 1,694 m 1,243 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Sulawesi  

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