Buntu Puang


Bagging It!

This is the closest major peak to the city of Palopo. There are several possible routes, including from the Latuppa area to the south. It can be hiked in two days (i.e one night at or near the top) and was hiked on August 17th 2020 by locals hikers, starting in Billa, Battang to the north. A dayhike is apparently not possible at present due to the terrain and how infrequently climbed it is.

Local Accommodation



  • Getting there: The closest airport and town is Palopo, less than one hour away.
  • Permits: Unknown
  • Water sources: Unknown

Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm):



2 thoughts on “Buntu Puang”

  1. I drew a near blank for information for a planned hike at the very start of 2019 to Buntu Puang. Bang Muh, who regularly guides people up Balease / Tolangi and lives in nearby Palopo initially sounded really keen but then told me he had never been there and we would need three days. I had heard that 2 days was enough from Ayyung Garis, a local guy who had hiked many, many mountains in Sulawesi but was now a doctor and too busy for much hiking. When I told Muh about my plans to travel from the Toraja area and my need to be picked up there or get an ojek from there he became less keen and eventually he decided I should ask for help in Toraja. I couldn’t find anyone, and once again, many people would be busy on Jan 1st.

    So I got in touch with Ayyung Garis who told me this was only hiked once a year or so and had no views at the top. He had done it a few years ago and from the photo I saw there is a small clearing with a cairn at the top. I would be carrying a sleeping back with my from Jakarta for 2 weeks just so I could spend one night on this mountain, so was very keen on making a success of it, but alas he said it was difficult to find anyone in Palopo because they were busy with New Year parties and similar. When I cancelled my Sulawesi trip I think he too was relieved.

    So, even local hiking enthusiasts in Palopo don’t know much about this and it may be difficult to find anyone up for it. You can either take you chances and go to Sulawesi anyway, assuming you have a few days for alterations and so on, or simply choose somewhere where there is a much better chance of help and success.

    Perhaps I’ll try again, as this gunung is pretty close to Palopo airport. A long way to go for a Spesial though.

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