Doro Dindi


Doro Dindi (previously mistakenly-known as Doro Oromboha) is located to the west of the town of Bima, about 25 kilometres in a straight line (or just an hour on motorbike). The trailhead is at the hill village of Padende (795m) in the Donggo region. Unlike the roasting hot and often bone-dry treeless lowlands of Sumbawa, this highland area is forested and is apparently excellent for farming.

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Gading (Perigi)


The Gunung Gading National Park near Lundu is world-famous for its Rafflesia flowers which regularly bloom near the Park headquarters. During those times, tourists flock to see the largest flower in the world but it can be difficult to predict and the blooming period is very short. It seems to be most common in November, December, February and March but can happen at any time of the year. There is also some very good trekking in the Park.

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Gunung Serapi is located in Kubah National Park and is near to the Matang wildlife sanctuary. At 911m, it is the tallest peak in the Kuching area. It can easily be climbed in a single day, as most hikers complete the trek in 5 hours or less and it is a very popular jogging spot. The mountain is actually known as the Matang range, and Serapi is the highest peak of the range.

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Gunung Saran, or ‘Bukit Saran’ as it is known locally, is a very attractive mountain from below, with steep almost-vertical cliffs near the top. However, because of the very flat land that surrounds it which is largely used for oil palm plantations, Bukit Saran, and also the lesser peak to the north known as Bukit Kujau (1,308m high), can rarely be seen from the main roads near Nanga Pinoh and Sintang. There is at least one trail to the summit, but it is vague in places and you definitely need local help.

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This mountain is one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia. A large eruption in 1919 killed approximately 5,000 people and a more recent eruption in 2007-8 resulted in the crater’s pleasant blue lake being replaced with a vast lava dome. In February 2014, a huge eruption occurred two days after local people reported animals fleeing from the surrounding forests. By 2015 or so, the lake had returned, but who knows how long it will be before the next lava dome emerges to displace it once more?

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Mount Murud is the highest peak in the Kelabit Highlands and, indeed, the highest peak in Sarawak. It is part of the recently-created Pulong Tau National Park although at present there are no significant Park facilities or anywhere near as many travellers as you would encounter in Mulu National Park. However, with incredible flora and fauna, stunning rock formations, unbelievable panoramic views, and ample shelters to make carrying a tent with you quite unnecessary if you hike from Ba’kelalan, this is one of the finest hikes in Borneo, if not the entire Malay archipelago.

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Mount Penrissen is on the Indonesia-Malaysia border (West Kalimantan and Sarawak) and is the highest peak of a large mountainous area south and south-west of Kuching. It is most commonly accessed via the Borneo Highlands Resort and golf course on the Malaysian side. As the hike takes around 6 hours to complete, it makes a great day out from Kuching (2 hours away by car) and there are some excellent views down into Indonesia.

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