Gunung Nokilalaki is a very attractive-looking forest peak in Lore Lindu National Park and has the most straightforward trail in Central Sulawesi.Whereas many of Sulawesi’s mountains are arduous affairs, Nokilalaki is a delight, with clear signs at Shelter/Pos 1, 2 and 3, and a large cement triangulation pillar at the summit.

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At over 2 kilometres in diameter, Gunung Raung has the largest crater in Java. It’s one of the most remote and least climbed of the 3000-metre plus peaks which means that there isn’t much litter on the trail and it really is a mountain to escape from civilization for a while. Whilst reaching the true highest point of Raung crater rim requires a 3-day expedition involving roped rock climbing, the most popular route to the rim itself is from the north at Sumberwringin.

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This Ribu is the highest peak in Jambi province (assuming you count Kerinci as in West Sumatra) and has two lovely highland lakes – Lake Kumbang and Lake Mabuk – which are of a smilar size to each other and were presumably once active volcanic craters. The normal starting point is Sungai Lalang (1,365m) – a 3 hour drive from Bangko on the Trans-Sumatran highway or just over 4 hours from Muara Bungo airport.

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Batu Daya


Batu Daya is one of the most iconic mountains in Indonesia but very few people know of its existence. Along with Gunung Kelam (also in West Kalimantan), Puruk Sandukui (Central Kalimantan) and the huge Merabu karst region in East Kalimantan it is an area which is bound to become a major natural tourist attraction in the next couple of decades, particularly if the Indonesian capital is relocated to Kalimantan and local infrastructure improves.

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Lokon is a very active twin volcano with the adjacent Empung and is located close to the pleasantly cool town of Tomohon, which is surrounded by agricultural land. All recent eruptions have originated from the Tompaluan crater which lies in the saddle between the two peaks – when most people say they climbed Lokon they mean they visited the crater and most guides will think you only want to go to the crater.

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