Dieng (Prau)

DIENG (Prau)

The Dieng Plateau is a huge volcanic complex near the pleasant town of Wonosobo. It is quite rightly one of Central Java’s leading tourist attractions and there are so many fascinating sites, both geological and historical, that it definitely makes sense to stay in Dieng village itself and properly explore the place. Colourful lakes, hissing and bubbling craters and numerous temples are dotted all over the landscape.

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Bromo (Pananjakan)

BROMO (Pananjakan)

Bromo is probably the most popular volcano attraction in Indonesia. Situated in the middle of the “Sea of Sand” (lautan pasir), the ancient crater of the Tengger caldera, Bromo itself is only 2,329 metres high. The perfect ridged cone of Gunung Batok next to Bromo stands taller at 2,470m and the surrounding crater rim is higher in many places, with the highest peak being Gunung Pananjakan.

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Raya Langkawi


Gunung Raya is the highest peak of Langkawi island and is one of the most north-westerly mountains of the lands where mountains are called ‘gunung’. Despite its name meaning ‘great’ or ‘big’, it is not be the most impressive peak nor the most interesting trek, but there are some decent views and it makes a very pleasant half-day out on what is a lovely island.

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