• Elevation: 1,538 m (5,046 ft)
  • Prominence: 980 m
  • Ribu category: Spesial
  • Province: Peninsular Malaysia
  • Malaysian state: Kelantan
  • Google Earth: kml
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  • Other names: none.


Bagging It!

Gunung Rabong lies to the north of Gunung Tahan, and remains fairly unknown despite having some great views from the top. The trek is usually completed in two days, with a night spent camping at Camp Taman below the peak. The obvious base is the nearby town of Gua Musang.

There are actually two possible trailheads, namely Felda Perasu and Kampung Air Manis, with most hikers opting for Felda Perasu with the trailhead accessed via a 45-minute drive through oil palm plantations and through rivers and then along a logging road. The proper trail starts at Camp Milo and leads via Lorong Tikus, Kaki Kor, Camp Kor, Camp Permatang, Camp Buluh, Helipad and finally Camp Taman (approx. 1,200m above sea level). 

Camp Taman is the ideal spot to camp at, with a water source and flat areas.

From the trailhead to Camp Taman takes around 6 hours with another 1-2 hours from Camp Taman to the summit. Therefore a daytrek could just about be accomplished in one long day of 12 hours or more, but you may miss the best views from the peak over to the Gunung Tahan range further south. The best views are usually first thing in the morning at sunrise.


  • Getting there: coming soon.
  • Permits: coming soon.
  • Water sources: The last water source is at Camp Taman (1,200m).

Local Average Monthly Rainfall
Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Gua Musang, Malaysia


1 thought on “Rabong”

  1. Gua Musang is the obvious base for Gunung Rabong, which can be seen clearly from the higher slopes of Gunung Tahan and also the main road north to Gua Musang, but not many folk know about the short hour-long hike to Gua Musang Peak. I didn’t do it as I wanted a proper rest prior to our planned Gunung Chamah hike, but my two friends did. The trail starts near the train station, passes beyond a sort of shanty town area before leading via a very narrow passage into an impressive cave network. A torch is required. The peak is only around 250m high but offers good views over Gua Musang.

    See here for more info from Rob Woodall: https://www.peakbagger.com/climber/ascent.aspx?aid=1947847

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