What is a Ribu?

A prominent summit with at least 1,000 metre elevation drop all around

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What is Bagging?

‘Collecting’ a mountain by reaching the highest point.

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Gunung Bagging Social

Informal Gunung Bagging meet-ups/drinks happen every so often in Serpong (BSD) near Jakarta. All welcome to talk about mountain hikes both past and future.

Email danpquinn@gmail.com for details or join the Gunung Bagging mailing list for occasional updates.

Relative Hills Society

A new UK-based society for baggers of metric relative hills around the world. This includes Marilyns, Ultras and Ribus.


Explore the Ribus by Category

Sangat Tinggi

(Very High) Over 3000 m elevation

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Sedang Tinggi

(Fairly High) 2000 to 3000 m elevation

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Kurang Tinggi

(Less High) Below 2000 m elevation

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(Non-Ribu) A special reason to bag it

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