What is a Ribu?

A Ribu is a prominent summit in Indonesia with at least 1,000 metre elevation drop all around.

We have called them the Ribus because of the Indonesian word ‘ribu’ meaning a thousand.

The variety of Ribus is huge; some are easy day-hikes near large cities; others are in remote and challenging environments and require weeks of travel and hiking to reach; some are active and dangerous volcanoes.

The Ribus stretch across the Indonesian archipelago from Aceh in the west to Papua in the east.

There are four Ribu categories, three based on their absolute elevation and a fourth ‘Spesial’ category for peaks which are considered to be of special interest. Check the Methods page for more information on the analysis of prominence.

Google MarkerSangat Tinggi Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Google MarkerSpesial
(Very High)
Over 3000 m elevation
(Fairly High)
2000 to 3000 m elevation
(Less High)
Below 2000 m elevation
A special reason to bag it


There are currently 226 Ribus, plus 99 Spesial peaks.

The ‘Spesial’ category has a number of uses. Firstly, Ultra prominent peaks in the Malaysian provinces of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo and the Timor Leste part of Timor island are included here. Other Spesials are deemed of particular interest. For example Anak Krakatau is a mere 324 metres high, but is a Spesial because of its volcanic activity and great historical interest.

You may find the following two files useful in planning your hiking trips across the Indonesian archipelago:

An Excel spreadsheet with all the Ribus and Spesials listed, along with elevation, prominence, province, plus latitutde and longitude data.

A KML file with all the Ribus and Spesials listed, for use with Google Earth.

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