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Elevation: 1,803 m (5,915 ft) Prominence: 1,013 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Province: Sulawesi Tengah (Central Sulawesi)
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Bagging It!

Gunung Sidole is can be climbed from either the west at Desa Taripa or from the east at Desa Sidole. The western approach is longer (12km in a straight line from the trailhead to the peak) and a more confusing trail which is easier to get lost on. However it is slightly closer to Palu so perhaps more frequently used. The eastern route is steeper and shorter but both trailheads are at low elevations (approximately 100 metres above sea level only). Sidole cannot be seen from the western trailhead but apparently can be seen from the eastern side (though it is often shrouded in cloud). Both routes require three days to reach the peak and return.

To reach the Taripa trailhead, take a right on the main road at Toaya onto Jl Dindimaka. Follow this straight for 20 minutes over a wooden bridge and past Taripa and to the end of the road at a river and wooden shelter.

Apparently the mountain is home to lots of tarsiers, a few anoa (small cattle) and a fair number of leeches!


Getting there Sidole is about one hour’s drive from the city of Palu where there is an airport.
Accommodation Several hotels in Palu. Rama Garden is a decent mid-range choice. If you fancy a beach resort then try the German-owned Prince John Dive Resort at Tanjung Karang, Donggala on the other side of Palu Bay about 34 km north of the city.
Permits Not required.
Water sources Currently unknown.
Fund or join an expedition: fund expeditions small Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): palu


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    With the help of some very pleasant chaps from Lalimpala (Universitas Tadulako) went to have a look at the base of this mountain (and Bulu Nti) at the weekend in preparation (hopefully) for a significant expedition to Sulawesi next year. I was taken to the western trailhead (which is closer to Palu) but I reckon the shorter, steeper one from the east sounds better – or perhaps a traverse might be called for.

    On Saturday night I stayed at the rather expensive Prince John Dive Resort for an excellent view across Palu Bay to Sidole (which appears much less of a peak as merely a high point in the middle of a mountaineous area). A couple of tame Cuscus came down when tempted by one of the staff’s food and there was bir bintang galore. Do watch out on the road out to Tanjung Karang, however, as we got a flat tyre in both directions!

    Posted by Dan | June 10, 2013, 18:32
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    Just received the email below from Lalimpala Mapala student hiking group in Palu, Central Sulawesi regarding this mountain and also Kandela (referred to below as Gn Katopasa).

    google translate:
    for Dnaile ….
    sorry, late reply to your e-mail!
    thank you if you are interested in mountain climbing to sidole.
    organization coincidence I’ve been doing the opening track to the top of the mountain climbing sidole.
    there are 2 lines that have been open:
    1. east coast route, start sidole village. travel about 3 days, open julur in 1996 but the line was the last time in the past in 1999.
    2. West coast path, starting from the village Taripa. travel about 3 days. open path in 2005 and until now often used.

    daily average of 6-8 hours of travel, the spring rather melimpah.kemudian to peak a little closed but there are some areas around the summit which could see the sights Tomini Bay (east) and Gulf hammer / gawalise mountain (the west).

    if you are interested in a more challenging angle view, I recommend a mountain located in the district of Tojo Una-Una sul-teng. Gn name. Katopasa altitude of about 2878 masl, the travel time of 5 days (every day 7-8 hours journey), scrambling on the ascent route on day 3. is the habitat Anoa (Central Sulawesi endemic animals) and the top slightly open with a view of the nature reserve Morowali (east), Tomini Bay (west). This route was opened since 1996 and until now a favorite of climbers Central Sulawesi because the track is varied and many see the flora and fauna on the way a little extreme with his scrambling route.

    that while information can I share to you, may be useful.
    This contact us:
    Halis (085249107630)

    green regards


    for Dnaile….
    maaf, lambat membalas e-mailnya !!!
    terima kasih kalau anda tertarik untuk mendaki ke gunung sidole.
    kebetulan organisasi saya sudah melakukan pembukaan jalur pendakian ke puncak gunung sidole.
    ada 2 jalur yang telah terbuka :
    1. jalur pantai timur, start desa sidole. perjalanan sekitar 3 hari, buka julur tahun 1996 tetapi jalur ini terakhir kali di lewati pada tahun 1999.
    2. Jalur pantai Barat, start dari desa Taripa. perjalanan sekitar 3 hari. buka jalur tahun 2005 dan sampai sekarang sering digunakan.

    sehari rata-rata perjalanan 6-8 jam, mata air lumayan melimpah.kemudian untuk puncaknya sedikit tertutup akan tetapi ada sebagian area sekitar puncak yang bisa melihat pemandangan teluk tomini (arah timur) dan teluk palu/pegunungan gawalise (arah barat).

    kalau anda tertarik untuk angle pemandangan yang lebih menantang, saya rekomendasikan satu gunung yang berada di wilayah kabupaten Tojo una-una sul-teng. namanya Gn. Katopasa ketinggian sekitar 2878 mdpl, waktu tempuh 5 hari (setiap hari 7-8 jam perjalanan), jalur scrambling pada pendakian di hari ke 3. merupakan habitat ANOA (hewan endemik sulteng) dan puncak agak terbuka dengan pemandangan cagar alam morowali (timur), teluk tomini (barat). jalur ini dibuka sejak tahun 1996 dan sampai sekarang menjadi favorit para pendaki sulteng karena jalurnya yang bervariasi dan masih banyak menjumpai flora fauna dalam perjalanan serta sedikit ekstrim dengan jalur scrambling-nya.

    itu sementara informasi yang bisa saya share ke anda, semoga bermanfaat.
    ini kontak kami :
    halis (085249107630)

    green regards

    Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam “LALIMPALA” Universitas Tadulako Palu Sulawesi Tengah.

    Posted by Dan | May 20, 2011, 09:13

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