Olet Sangenges


Elevation: 1,840 m (6,037 ft) Prominence: 1,773 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Province: Nusa Tenggara Barat
Google Earth: kml Other names: Puncak Ngenges, Puncak Ngengas
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    Bagging It!


    We currently know very little about this peak in Western Sumbawa except that it is also known by local people as Puncak Ngenges or Puncak Ngengas. One report states that it takes ten hours to reach the top from Desa Tepal and that there is a large trig pillar at the top.

    UPDATE 2017: Ega Satria Anugrah and friends climbed this in August 2017. He suggests the height may be as much as 1871m. You need 4 or 5 days in total. Starting point is Marente/Marenteh which lies to the north of the mountain range.

    A vague itinerary may be along the following lines….

    Day 1: arrive in Sumbawa Besar on first flight from Lombok (Wings Air). Proceed to Marente and hike to Pos 3 (up to 10 hours total).

    Day 2: Pos 3 to Pos 5 (9 hours).

    Day 3: Pos 5 to summit (2.5 hours) and back down to Pos 3 (a full day of 12 hours possible).

    Day 4: Return to Marente and on to a hotel.

    Day 5: Fly out from Sumbawa Besar.

    We hope to hike Olet Sangenges in 2018…….


    Getting there The closest airport is Sumbawa Besar.
    Accommodation Try Maluk House right next to the famous surfing waves in Maluk Bay.
    Permits Unknown
    Water sources Unknown
    Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): sumbawabesar


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