• Elevation: 1,258 m (4,127 ft)
  • Prominence: 848 m
  • Ribu category: Spesial
  • Province: Nusa Tenggara Timur
  • Google Earth: kml
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  • Other names: none


Bagging It!

This peak is located at the western end of the island of Flores. Probably because of its proximity to Labuanbajo – where many tourists stay before or after visiting Komodo island – a Mbeliling hike has very recently become part of the ‘ecotourism’ options available to visitors to West Flores and features prominently in new tourism literature for the area. There are signs everywhere and, during the high season, foreign tourists climb it on a regular basis from Roe, which is one hour from Labuanbajo.

Roe is at about 600 metres above sea level, so it’s not much of a climb to the top of Mbeliling for those who are accustomed to hiking in Indonesia. However, it is a very hot one so you’ll need to take plenty of water with you. The recommended trek includes one night camping at or near the top and a visit the following day to Cunca Rami waterfall. If you have the time, the sunset and sunrise are likely to be very nice indeed, but the hike can easily be done in a single day trip if you prefer.

Quoted prices are pretty high to begin with. Try bargaining to get a more reasonable price for what is a fairly straightforward hike.

The Bakosurtanal map labels the peak “Golo Beliling” with an elevation of 1,266m (plus 1,251m spot height for a point just a couple of hundred metres to the north-east and probably visited first on the trek).

The highest peak in this far western end of Flores is actually about ten kilometres further south – Poco Sesok (1,335m), which is just to the south-east of Sano Nggoang lake. Clearly this area is an old caldera of some sort and there are apparently two solfataras on the south-eastern shore of the lake. There is virtually no information on Poco Sesok available online, so it is unlikely there is a trail to the summit at present.

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  • Getting there: Mbeliling is climbed from Roe which is on the Labuanbajo-Ruteng road about one hour from Labuanbajo. Labuanbajo has plenty of flights, mainly to Denpasar.
  • Permits: Not required but take a copy of your passport photo page just incase.
  • Water sources: Unknown. Assume none on the trail.
  • Travel insurance: We recommend World Nomads insurance, which is designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities including mountain hiking.

Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm):



One thought on “Mbeliling

  1. This was to be my final hike of the NTT trip. I arranged with Pak Alfons of Roe directly in advance. Unfortunately he initially wanted a ridiculous Rp600,000 for what is a dayhike up the hill at the back of his village. Alas, due to the huge tourism overflow from Bali to Komodo during June July August, the prices are somewhat preposterous and you should avoid paying the ‘foreign price’ as much as you can.

    Why international agencies have encouraged this overcharging is an interesting question. According to Lonely Planet, the whole Mbeliling thing is an attempt to get tourist money into the local villages as opposed to it all being spent in Labuanbajo and Komodo.

    I managed to bargain him down to Rp300,000 for the dayhike, which is the absolute maximum anyone should pay for a guide for a dayhike in Indonesia. If such a guide made 300,000 per day, the monthly salary would be a whopping Rp9,000,000 – more than most earn, even really skilled and experienced professional staff in Jakarta. So bear it in mind and fight against the overcharging, particularly of foreigners.

    In actual fact I would prefer to climb this simple mountain alone. I wonder if this would cause a problem with the locals. After all, all they really need to do is stick up a sign or two and you wouldn’t need a guide at all. The two-day hiking option is definitely trying to milk it a bit – far better would be to climb at night in time for sunrise. It can’t be more than 3 hours to the top from Roe.

    Anyway, after agreeing on a price, Pak Alfons also found one of his sons to pick me up from Labuanbajo on his motorbike at 6.30am prompt. It would costs Rp150,000 for the return journey. Be ready before 6.30am, he said.

    Well, I was sat outside Chez Felix at 6.15, doing up my boot laces, ready for the final hike of the trip. 6.30 came and went. At 7 I went and had a coffee and admired the views over the bay from the Chez Felix dining area. Finally, Alfons texts to say his son was stung by a bee last night so I would have to find my own way up there.

    With this being a very hot part of Indonesia I had wanted to set off hiking as early as possible. Now, even if I could haggle and debate with ojek guys in Labuanbajo it was going to be at least 8.30 before we got started hiking. And I was thoroughly knackered and quite keen to sample some more Italian food on the waterfront, after so many days of rice and basic vegetables.

    More than that, I was understandably annoyed that they hadn’t told me in advance. If I had been informed the night before I would have found a different ojek. But, as it was, they kept me waiting around for a motorbike that was not on its way at all. So I told Alfons to forget it. I would climb another time. If he didn’t possess the manners to tell me in advance then I really couldn’t be bothered. Why spend ‘tourist money’ in the villages if they can’t even arrange basic transport to/from the mountain that you are paying handsomely for?

    So Mbeliling will have to wait for another time. Labuanbajo was great foodwise, but I must say I have never seen so many miserable looking foreigners. Not the friendliest of places – enough foreigners there that instead of greeting each other, they simply try to avoid eye contact, for the most part. Much better to visit outside of the high season, I would say.

    So a final day of eating pizza and pasta before heading back to Jakarta it was.

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