Elevation: 2,493 m (8,179 ft) Prominence: 1,541 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Province: Bengkulu
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This volcano has a 600 metre wide summit crater, but no eruptions are known to have occurred in recent times. It is situated in the middle of a sparsely-populated, protected forest area.


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Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): bengkulu


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3 thoughts on “Daun

  1. The Bengkulu-based Wild Sumatra Tours offer a multi-day trek on the lower slopes of Bukit Daun, and there could be a summit trail opened this year…..

    “Currently we only have a trek to Kawa 7 Warna (7 colored pools) on the lower slopes of Bukit Daun. However, we are planning some surveys to Daun over the next 1-2 months to map the summit and eventually offer it on our website as a trek. We hope to have this as an option by April this year. I can let you know once we are ready to receive guests for the Bukit Daun summit trek. We are also hoping to combine the summit and 7 colored pools trek into one trek probably lasting about 4-5 days. We also have plans to survey Mt Seblat later this year. We are working with TNKS to open it up as an eco-tourism option. More later…”


  2. Hi Gunungbagger

    I am interested in this mountain and am a little surprised it hasn’t had much attention. My attention was drawn to it by the recent spate of fatal land slides in the area.

    Pls let me know if there are any plans to climb in the next year or so.

    JOhn Rawkins

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