Kabawo Lambohogo


Bagging It!

This is the highest point on the island of Buton/Butung and may be best known as Gunung Wani. Published elevations of 1,190m seem unlikely – probably under 1,100m. The Bakosurtanal map suggests a height of 1,063m and lists a lower peak around 2 kilometres to the north-east as being called Kabawo Wani with a heigh of 778m, which is probably the source of the name ‘Gunung Wani’.


    • Getting there: As this is in the north of the island, probably better getting a boat over from Sulawesi than heading overland all the way up from Bau Bau.
    • Accommodation: Unknown
    • Permits: Unknown
    • Water sources: Unknown

Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm):


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