Elevation: 1,217 m (3,993 ft) Prominence: 1,184 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Province: Peninsular Malaysia
Google Earth: kml Other names: Kedah Peak
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Previously known as ‘Kedah Peak’, Gunung Jerai is a very striking mountain being located near the coast not far from the island of Penang, and surrounded by flat land. In ancient times it was used as a navigational aid by traders from overseas.

There is a road to the top where there is actually a Resort, a Museum of Forestry and a telecommunications tower, but some folk hike to the top through forest from the south side instead of opting for the 11km (30 minute) drive from the north.


Getting there Penang is the nearest large airport, but Alor Setar is not far away either. Gurun is the closest train station. 
Accommodation For those with large budgets, you could stay at the Resort near the summit, otherwise this is a fairly easy day trip from Penang, assuming you start very early.
Permits Not required.
Water sources Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Penang, Malaysia


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