Besar Endau-Rompin


Elevation: 1,036 m (3,399 ft) Prominence: 986 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerSpesial Province: Peninsular Malaysia
Google Earth: kml Other names:  
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Bagging It!

There is plenty of information available on the Endau Rompin Park but very little on getting to its highest peak, Gunung Besar (‘big mountain’). Reports suggest it can be hiked from Kampung Tenang, and that most groups require 2 days to complete the trek. If you set out early enough with day packs it could probably be hiked in a single day. The Park is named after the two rivers in the area. If you’ve been to the top, do leave us a note below!


Getting there coming soon.
Accommodation coming soon.
Permits Required from Johor Forestry Dept.
Water sources Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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