Abong Abong


Elevation: 2,985 m (9,793 ft) Prominence: 1,104 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Province: Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Google Earth: kml Other names:
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Bagging It!

We currently know very little about this peak – contact us with information if you can provide any.


Getting there Unknown
Accommodation Unknown
Permits Take a photocopy of your passport photo page just incase.
Water sources Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): bandaaceh


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Wikipedia Indonesia

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  1. There is report from Metalik (Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi Pecinta Alam dan Lingkungan Hidup) Syah Kuala Aceh already reached the top in 16 days expedition.

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