Pulau Waigeo


  • Elevation: 990 m (3,248 ft)
  • Prominence: 990 m
  • Ribu category: Spesial
  • Province: Papua Barat (West Papua)
  • Google Earth: kml
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  • Other names: none

Bagging It!

This Ribu is the highest point of Waigeo island, also sometimes spelt Weigeo. We previously thought Gunung Mandum (estimated 977m) was the highest, a peak of similar height lying way inland, but SRTM suggests this un-named peak is a little higher. A US Army maps gives an elevation of 3,280ft which is 999.7 metres….. as close to a borderline Ribu as it gets. But ALOS suggests nothing over 984m or so. Therefore 990m for now until more data becomes available.

Local Accommodation



  • Getting there: Unknown
  • Permits: Unknown
  • Water sources: Unknown

Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm):



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