Mount Murud is the highest peak in the Kelabit Highlands and, indeed, the highest peak in Sarawak. It is part of the recently-created Pulong Tau National Park although at present there are no significant Park facilities or anywhere near as many travellers as you would encounter in Mulu National Park. However, with incredible flora and fauna, stunning rock formations, unbelievable panoramic views, and ample shelters to make carrying a tent with you quite unnecessary if you hike from Ba’kelalan, this is one of the finest hikes in Borneo, if not the entire Malay archipelago.

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Bukit Batu

Facts Elevation: 2,040 m (6,693 ft) Prominence: 1,574 m Ribu category: Tinggi Sedang Province: Sarawak (Malaysia) Google Earth: kml Rating: Other names: none. Photos Bagging It! Bukit Batu was first summited in December 2014 by a team including nepenthes (pitcher plant) expert Alastair Robinson. There are very occasional researcher trips to the Hose mountain range, […]

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This mountain is the highest peak in the Gunung Mulu National Park which was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 2005. Several attempts were made to reach the summit in the 19th century, notably by Spenser St John and Charles Hose. The first person to reach the summit was a rhino hunter named Tama Nilong who ‘discovered’ the south-west ridge in the 1920s. In 1932 Tama Nilong led Lord Shackleton and an Oxford University Expedition to the summit and the very same route is still used today.

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