• Elevation: 2,107 m (6,913 ft)
  • Prominence: 1,950 m
  • Ribu category: Tinggi Sedang
  • Province: Peninsular Malaysia
  • Malaysian state: Pahang
  • Range: Banjaran Benum
  • Google Earth: kml
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  • Other names: Benom

Bagging It!

Gunung Benum is a huge mountain massif all of its own, quite separate from other ranges. Despite only being around 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur, Benum doesn’t see as many hikers as might be expected. It can be hiked from Lata Berembun (Sungai Klau near Raub) in 2/3 days or Ulu Cheka (Jerantut) in 4/5 days although it appears that local Orang Asli have in the past been opposed to hikers using the latter route.

Lata Berembun route:

It is usually climbed over two or three days from the western side, with one night camping at or near the summit or two nights camping halfway up. The Lata Berembun trail is about 12km in length one way and there are actually two alternate trails which can be combined in a loop. The western route is better for water so it makes sense to hike up that way and back down the eastern route as follows:

From Lata Berembun (620m) (which makes a reasonable camp spot in its own right) the newer, less-famous western trail leads via water point (860m), and Kem Rilek (1,285m) which is soon followed by Last Water Point (1,370m). The trail then gains the ridge and changes direction towards Kem Bulat (1,720m), some boulders (1,850m), and finally a signboard (2,098m) just before the summit itself which is also big enough for a handful of tents.

Back down the eastern route (the older, traditional route), the trail passes Kem Periuk (1,690m) and Kem Dingin / Tikus (1,670m) where there are numerous pitcher plants. Both camp spots are good for camping but not good for clean water. Some is available at Kem Tikus but take iodine tablets and/or boil the water (or use the western route up).

Doing things in reverse, in the traditional manner, Kem Dingin / Tikus is reached in about 3-4 hours from Lata Berembun and it is then a further 2-3 hours to Kem Periuk. The summit is a further 2 hours, so in total 7-9 hours one way. There are many ‘false peaks’ between Kem Tikus and the summit.

Because of the lack of a good water source higher up on the traditional route, some hikers do it as a very long ‘day-hike’ starting at first light and finishing way, way after dark but the vast majority of hikers need one night camping somewhere.

There are not many views from the dense forest but there are many pitcher plants here. The summit is in mossy forest and has the usual surveyor’s metal beirut on it. Look out for leeches near the trailhead.

Ulu Cheka route:

This route became popular again during 2020-2023 as the Lata Berembun trailhead was apparently inaccessible due to a landslide. It is a challenging trek typically requiring 5 days and 4 nights from Kampung Ulu Cheka which is an Orang Asli village. By 2023, some hikers had completed it in 3 days and 2 nights, perhaps due to the trail getting clear due to being used more. The trail passes Lata Lemang, Emergency Camp, Kem Jeneruh, Bukit Kayu Damar, Permatang Kecil, Batu Duduk, Gunung Lilin (typical camp spot on the first day) and then Gunung Runtuh, Pos Tinjau, Batu Serondong (which features communist graffiti), Permatang Beruang and Permatang Angin (typical camp spot on the second day) which allows good views in clear weather. From Permatang Angin to the summit of Gunung Benum is only 2-3 hours via Helipad and Simpang Lata Bujang so most hikers take a daypack with them and return to camp at Permatang Angin on the third night or head down an alternative trail from Simpang Lata Bujang passing Anak Sungai Terbol/Terbon, Kem Cenkenit/Chengkenik (higher camp), Kem Permatang Cermin, Tongkat Ali, Perdu Buluh, Kem Sungai Besar (lower camp named after a large river there), Sungai Pertama and Sungai Kedua.

Trail Map

Peta Jalur Pendakian Gunung Benum
For a high quality PDF version of this and other trail maps, please download from our Trail Maps page.

Local Accommodation

Featured Guides

If you are a reliable local guide and would like to be featured on this page to increase your bookings, or a tourist who would like to support the development of a local guide business, please email with the following information: Mountain name, guide name, guide location, guide contact details, and at least one English language review from a previous hiker who was pleased with the guiding services. An example is given below for reference. We have a maximum quota of 3 featured guides for each mountain page on the site. The fee for this is £20 (British pounds sterling, typically via the Wise app or PayPal) for a period of 1 year and helps to pay towards the ongoing development of the Gunung Bagging project.

  • Name and location: Pak Budi, Surabaya, East Java.
  • Contact details: +62812xxxxxxxx,, 
  • Review from previous client: “Budi was a brilliant guide for our September 2023 trek up Gunung X and I would definitely recommend him to other tourists“, John, USA.


  • Getting there: From Raub it is 23km to Sungai Klau town where you need a 4WD (try Ah Gao +60 13-982 2246) to cover 12km (45 minutes) to Lata Berembun waterfall. 4WD fits 7 and costs around RM300. The trail starts on the left just before the bridge and waterfalls and there is a camping area here too.
  • Trip planning assistance: Would you like Gunung Bagging to personally help you in arranging your whole trip? Please contact us here.
  • Permits: You can register and pay for an e-Permit online from the Forestry Department of Malaysia website.
  • Water sources: Available at Camp Tikus but it is recommended you boil it first or use iodin tablets. Very difficult beyond there on the more famous eastern route so be sure to take plenty of bottled water! On the western route water is available as far as around 1,370m.

Local Average Monthly Rainfall
Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


9 thoughts on “Benum”

  1. By the way,
    The normal hike per guide (max 10 pax lineup per guide) is RM250 per day (24hr)

    4wheel for Mt Benum is RM350 round trip (max 7pax with crews included)

    The guide should be responsible for necessary arrangements such as permits, basic medications etc

  2. Warning to all decent minded people to watch out for a Malaysian guide by the name of Popoi.

    Below is the conversation I had with him.

    In short, he discriminates against foreigners and was trying to charge an insane RM600 PER DAY ($145) for guiding on Gunung Benum. So a 2-day hike would be $290 (USD) equivalent!

    These types are all too common in the West Malaysian hiking community. You should never pay more than around RM250 ($60) a day. If you do, you are getting completely taken advantage of AKA ripped off. Luckily there are a few good ones out there too, but it can take a lot of time in West Malaysia to avoid the Popoi type people who think money grows on trees where the white man comes from.

    06/12/2019, 21:45 – Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.
    06/12/2019, 21:45 – Dan: Helli Popoi. How was your Benum hike? Do you have a number for a local guide near the mountain?
    06/12/2019, 21:45 – Dan: Daniel in Jakarta here
    07/12/2019, 06:32 – Popoi Benum: Hi Daniel
    07/12/2019, 06:32 – Popoi Benum: I am the mountain guide 🙂
    07/12/2019, 06:34 – Dan: Ah ok great. Where do you live?
    07/12/2019, 07:36 – Dan: I’m looking for someone fast. For March. 2 days.
    07/12/2019, 20:06 – Popoi Benum: I live in KL
    07/12/2019, 20:08 – Popoi Benum: Yes mount benum can be done by 2 days
    Can you let me when,date in March?
    07/12/2019, 20:13 – Dan: Sure. 24-25.
    07/12/2019, 20:14 – Dan: And actually, maybe one more time about 1 week before.
    07/12/2019, 20:14 – Dan: Depending on price of course
    07/12/2019, 20:18 – Popoi Benum: I am okay with the date (24-25)
    But just to let you know I also doing trip for Mount Benum on 21-22 March
    Do you want to join the date?
    07/12/2019, 20:19 – Dan: Thanks but cannot because doing Tahan then
    07/12/2019, 20:21 – Popoi Benum: So I assume this will be personal hike yea
    Because I will bring just yourself
    07/12/2019, 20:21 – Dan: For 24-25 probably just me and 1 friend
    07/12/2019, 20:22 – Dan: Both quite experienced
    07/12/2019, 20:22 – Popoi Benum: Okay for 2pax then
    07/12/2019, 20:22 – Popoi Benum: Good to know
    07/12/2019, 20:23 – Dan: Yes. And maybe another friend around March 14-15 (date not confirmed yet)
    07/12/2019, 20:24 – Popoi Benum: Alright let’s discuss on the confirmed one first
    24-25 yea
    07/12/2019, 20:24 – Popoi Benum: 2pax
    08/12/2019, 06:39 – Dan: Ok
    08/12/2019, 14:33 – Popoi Benum: Hi Daniel
    Before I give you quotation
    Can please let me know as below:
    1- transportation when you arrive airport (u manage yourself or you want me pick u up)
    2- food and drink on hiking (you prepare yourself or you want me to do, if want me to do please let me what food n drink you preferred)
    3-insurance (do you want to pay or not)
    4- porter (do you need and how many)
    08/12/2019, 14:35 – Popoi Benum: Btw if you have Instagram
    You may check on my hiking group,m doing with my fiancée 🙂
    08/12/2019, 14:35 – Dan: Thanks
    08/12/2019, 14:36 – Dan: Not sure yet for most of those. Just send guide cost for now plus any optional extras we can add on later.
    08/12/2019, 14:40 – Popoi Benum: Alright then
    08/12/2019, 14:40 – Popoi Benum: For 2pax
    Guide rate: RM600/day
    = (RM1200)
    4wheel drive return: RM500

    Total: RM1700
    08/12/2019, 14:40 – Dan: Rm600 a day?
    08/12/2019, 14:41 – Dan: You know the minimum monthly wage in Malaysia?
    08/12/2019, 14:41 – Dan: You also know guides in Sabah are about rm80 a day?
    08/12/2019, 14:42 – Popoi Benum: RM600 for 2pax
    08/12/2019, 14:42 – Dan: Perhaps you don’t think I’m experienced in this?
    08/12/2019, 14:43 – Popoi Benum: This is my normal rate
    08/12/2019, 14:43 – Dan: What difference between 1 and 2 hikers? Still only 1 guide required.
    08/12/2019, 14:43 – Dan: Well it is totally outlandish.
    08/12/2019, 14:46 – Popoi Benum: Please understand that is my normal rate for Mount Benum
    for personal trip
    Perhaps if you join the trip I organise per pax is just RM200 for local, RM300 for international
    08/12/2019, 14:46 – Dan: Why discriminate against foreigners?
    08/12/2019, 14:47 – Popoi Benum: You want fast and good quality service
    This is my expertise
    I brought many group doing daypack not camping overnight
    08/12/2019, 14:47 – Dan: Fine. But your price is ludicrous.
    08/12/2019, 14:48 – Popoi Benum: For permit got difference also other necessary arrangement
    08/12/2019, 14:48 – Popoi Benum: If you think my rate is high
    You may check with others
    And it okay if you don’t want to use my service
    08/12/2019, 14:49 – Dan: Don’t be ridiculous. You are another one of the ‘take as much as I can’ types who thinks anyone with white skin is stupid. But thanks anyway. I’ll let people know your price.
    08/12/2019, 14:50 – Popoi Benum: Thank you 🙂
    08/12/2019, 14:58 – Popoi Benum: Just so you know
    Mount Benum is a 3D 4N trip
    Hence the rate is actually for 4days
    Doesn’t matter if do Daypack or 2 days
    08/12/2019, 14:59 – Popoi Benum: Also you are not the first foreigners ever join my hiking trip
    None of them rude like you
    08/12/2019, 15:03 – Dan: You are the rude one. Rm600 a day is an incredible price. Offensively so. More than a doctor or lawyer probably. But it is up to you. You decide your own price. But do not expect intelligent people to think it is anything but exploitative of non malaysians.
    08/12/2019, 15:04 – Popoi Benum: Do you understand this?
    08/12/2019, 15:05 – Dan: So you try to spread it out to make more money. 6 hours hiking. 6 hours cooking. Etc. Nonsense.
    08/12/2019, 15:05 – Popoi Benum: This is really funny
    08/12/2019, 15:05 – Dan: It is true. Sarawak around rm100.
    08/12/2019, 15:05 – Popoi Benum: You first must understand
    08/12/2019, 15:05 – Popoi Benum: Mount Benum is 4D 3N hiking trip
    08/12/2019, 15:05 – Dan: I understand you are trying to rip me off.
    08/12/2019, 15:06 – Popoi Benum: It is a tough mountain to hikes
    08/12/2019, 15:06 – Dan: That is all I need to understand.
    08/12/2019, 15:06 – Dan: Mountains usually are.
    08/12/2019, 15:08 – Popoi Benum: Mount Benum is really really tough
    Of course every mountain has different level
    But again the hike for Mount Benum is 4D 3N
    Even if you want for 2D
    The price still the same
    We are talking about energy use for compress hike and the shorten trip
    08/12/2019, 15:09 – Popoi Benum: Don’t call people name
    If you not happy or okay with my rate
    Can just tell nicely
    That all

  3. If anyone fancies doing this as a dayhike on Sat July 13th then please reply below. Will be arriving in KL late Friday night (12th July), and assuming others are keen will head direct to town nearest the trailhead. Back to KL on Sunday morning / lunchtime….

    1. Did the hike happen on that weekend? If so, how long it took?
      Just went with my friend last weekend to do some trail recognition. After a bit of struggling to find the trail head, we managed to reach Camp Tikus/Dingin after 3 hours. Didn’t see any water source there but we didn’t explore around too much. According to what I read, reaching Camp Periuk from Tikus can take similar amount of time as trailhead-Tikus. I suppose 7 hours one way is already a very good hike time without any long stops.

      1. Hello Petr. I didn’t end up doing it that weekend because I couldn’t find anyone else to go with and so getting from KL and back again without high cost would have been difficult in the limited time (just a normal weekend). At present I have it pencilled in for July 2020. Maybe one night camping. If you are keen, let me know and I’ll keep you updated….

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