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We currently know very little about this peak – get in touch with information if you can provide any. The Bakosurtanal map gives the height as 3011.9m.


    • Getting there: It takes roughly 10 hours to reach the starting point from Medan by private car.
    • Accommodation: In view of the long journey it is a good idea to stop on the way from Medan.
    • Permits: Time consuming! Speak to TNGL in Medan first.
    • Water sources: Available in various places – your porters/guides will advise how much bottled water you will need to bring.
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): bandaaceh


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  1. Andreas Tricahyadi

    I want to share my knowledge about this mountain. I have met Mikhail at Bandung, about two month after his ascend to Bandahara. Sory that I late to post this info. I have climb this mountain to the top with my team (5 man from Mahitala Unpar and 1 man from Mapala UGL). We did the ascend at August 2012. we spent 12 days to reach the summit of mount Bandahara. The local guide can reach the summit in 6-7 days. So, I spent 15 days to reach the top and go down to Bener Berpapah Village. The local village that Mikhail said was leading us only led us for two days. Bang Ali and his younger brother Bang Slamet help us to bring three of our extra logistic’s bags (70 ltr bag) until camp 3. We spent 15 days because our miss estimation, the logistics was too heavy and it slowing down our movement! The summit normally can be reach in 7 days from Bener Berpapah Village at Seledok.

    This mountain is great, it have a masculine aura. Water source can’t be found from 700 asl to 2700 asl (savanna), after savanna only 1 water source. The route is hard to be found from savanna to the saddle that connect the savanna’s area with the ridge that will lead the way to the Bandahara’s summit. The route from Bener Berpapah Village to The Bandahara’s summit is 26 km. In the ascending to the summit, we can feel not only the masculine side, but also the feminine, some beautiful view that Mikhail had post the photos, savanna view, nepenthes, flower plants at 2700-2900 asl. That’s about the mountain.

    About the history of the mountain, 1960 the Netherlands government in Indonesia climb up to the top with the local people (one of them is Lahat Aman Selamat, Bang Ali’s father) to build a pillar at the top, about 1996 the local people ascend to the top frequenly, 2009 some man from Medan ascend to the top, about 2010 an aboard tourist ascend to the savanna to take some flower picture, then my team from Mahitala Unpar at august 2012 and Mikhail at January 2013. Not much climber ascend this mountain.

    To reach Bener Berpapah Village, from Medan, use BTN jaya minibus to Kutacane, from Kutacane use mass transportation to Seledok, Bener Berpapah Village. Before the ascend, we can rest and have permission at Mr. Lahat Aman Selamat, his house is near the main road. One of his son can guide to the top of Bandahara, but I recommend to bring map and compass, because the route is hard from savanna.

    That’s my sharing about this mountain, thank you.

  2. Here’s what happened to Mikhail….

    “About Bandahara, we did not managed to reach the summit, but only to the grass field flat area on about 2500m and after that, given that the trail is not exist, non of 2 of us knew where the actual summit is located! We did not have nor GPS nor maps, but certainly the summit was left of us, not right as the guide was guessed before. Its just simply because that he ever went on Bandahara some 17 years ago and just only to the grass field. But, Im just wonder how could this mountain located in close proximity of Medan and such turistic places like Bukitlawang be so overlooked.”

    1. Minas shalihin

      Saya melakukan xpdc dengan 4 anggota tim lainnya dalam jangka waktu 14 hari, dengan jarak ± 29 KM dari desa terakhir, dan menggapain puncak di hari le 10

  3. More updated and correct information about Bandahara. Tomorrow morning planning to set out for it’s wild summit. The team will consist of 2 people – me and a guide. Starting point is turned out in the village Seldok(di bawah one), only 300 meters asl and some 20 km. from Kutacane on the way to Blankejeren. According to info given by locals, it’s at least 5 days up and about 2 days down. Unfortunately I had to spent 2 days for nothing, relying on what’s some people says info and trying to do bagging just by myself and eventually was lost in the jungle after reached first hill on about 1000 m where the camp 1 located with a small hut. So a solution was found in the person of local guy Awalludin, his older brother Ali has already made an ascent at least 2 times last time leading a group of Mapala from Bandung. Given that trek starts on a such low point is must be a very sweaty one. Let’s see what will await me on it’s slopes tomorrow! Also, wait for ensuing report

  4. Currently in Kutacane going to try to ascent gunung Bandahara. Yesterday met a guy who claimed to be on it’s top about 6 years ago as a group of Mapala. Apparently, the trail starts from the village Lawe Harum about 5 km from Kutacane, then I estimate the time to reach the summit about 2 days, although it rather clearly visible from main road. According to the sparse information, the feature of the mountain is it’s rare nepenthes species.

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