Elevation: 1,276 m (4,186 ft) Prominence: 1,204 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Province: Peninsular Malaysia
Google Earth: kml Other names: Ledang
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Mount Ophir (or Gunung Ledang) is the highest peak in Johor and is a very, very popular trek, even with Singaporeans who visit over the weekend. Most hikers complete this hike in one day via the trail from Sagil, taking around 4 hours up and 3 hours back down.

The Lagenda route leads via Bukit Semput (Checkpoint 1), Hentian Meranti (CP2), Batu Orchid (CP3), Bukit Botak (CP7, 1,050m) and Anjung Mahligai (1,256m). There is an alternate trail that leads via Kolam Gajah (CP4, 534m) which is also a camp site. The summit (Checkpoint 8) is the top of a large boulder which there is a metal ladder attached to. Views are extensive, but as most people reach this point by late morning it is often quite hazy. The cutoff time for descending is 2pm.

There other main trail is called the Asahan Trail. It leads from Lubuk Kedongdong via Enggang Berangan (CP1), Hentian Hanuman (CP2), Hentian Unggas (CP3), Lembah Beruang (CP4), Batu Berlumut (CP5) and Padang Batu (CP6, 823m) which is an alternative camping area. Far fewer hikers use this trail. Unfortunately there is a sign at this trailhead stating that hikers are not allowed to ascend this way and descend to Sagil meaning that a traverse may not be allowed.


Getting there The trailhead is near Tangkak which is just 45 minutes from Melaka / Malacca and is served by regular buses. Batang Melaka is the closest train station. 
Accommodation Available at the Park if required, but you need to reserve in advance. Most people stay in the nearby town of Tangkak which is only 20 min away by taxi (about RM30). Try Ophir Hotel on +6001110811661.
Permits Required from the Mount Ophir National Park. Reserve your spot in advance via tamanhutanlagenda@yahoo.com or to staff member Muhazam via WA to +60127414385. Guides are compulsory. The more people in your group, the cheaper the cost of a guide and in January 2019 it was stated that there must be a minimum of 4 hikers in your group (which seems incredibly inconvenient for solo travellers and couples).
Water sources Available at Checkpoint 5 on the Lagenda route.
Local Average Monthly Rainfall Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


One thought on “Ophir

  1. Ophir / Ledang is not a cheap mountain to do alone because you are forced to take a guide and if you are alone it means over RM300. Crazy money for a day-hike on a clear trail. I looked at groups doing this and the only one I found that fits with my schedule is a whopping 170 Singapore Dollars for a day-trip from Singapore! Unbelievably expensive – but it seems many Singaporeans are rich enough to pay such prices.

    Will hopefully get a group of my own together to do this next year sometime – with enough people it is relatively cheap.

    Interesting to note that an old name for West Sumatra’s Gunung Talakmau/Talamau is also Ophir.

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