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Gunung Nyapa is occasionally climbed by locals and it apparently takes about 3 days return from the nearest village which is called Desa Nyapa Indah. To reach this village from Berau you need to take the coal mining road and then use a small boat to get over to the village.


    • Getting there: Berau is the closest airport.
    • Accommodation: Unknown
    • Permits: Take a photocopy of your passport photo page just incase.
    • Water sources: Unknown

Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm):


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  1. This is quite a large mountain range and is very close to Berau Kalimarau airport. An outlying ridge is seen very clearly upon the standard approach – I wonder if this is the peak that the few who have hiked up Nyapa claim to be the summit of whether they have been to the more obscure, true high point of the range. The landscape near Nyapa is deeply scarred by mining activities, but the karst region means that views are likely to be really good assuming the trail is not simply through dense forest. Please get in touch if you are from Berau or know a decent local hiking club there….. I would love to hike several mountains in this region sometime and know a local guide would be essential. For what is a very undocumented region.

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