Bagging It!

This is the highest point in West Kalimantan (assuming you count Bukit Raya as being in Central Kalimantan), and is part of the Betung Kerihun National Park. Pretty remote – according to Park staff in July 2018 it takes 3 days by longboat from Putussibau to Tanjung Lokang. From Tanjung Lokang to the foothills requires another longboat journey of around 2 days! And then it’s about 4 days (one way) to the summit, which a small number of Park staff have reached in the past. Because it is so infrequently hiked, Park staff suggest that the trail is not identifiable and may be completely overgrown at present.


    • Getting there: Fly to Putussibau via Pontianak. Then 5 days by longboat to the foothills!
    • Accommodation: Presumably village homestays are available in this remote location.
    • Permits: Would be required from the National Park.
    • Water sources: Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): pontianak


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