Elevation: 439 m (1,440 ft) Prominence: 439 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerSpesial Province: Kepulauan Riau (Riau Islands)
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Bagging It!

Although this peak is a lowly 439m high and the hike itself takes just 3 hours in total, it is a worthwhile excursion for people living in Batam and Singapore. In clear weather you can see the tip of the Malaysian peninsula and the city of Singapore from the tower at top and – unsurprisingly given that it’s the only notable peak in the area – the mountain can be seen from the road bridge connecting Singapore with Malaysia.

Jantan is the highest point of Karimun island and there are very regular ferries to the main port of Tanjung Balai from Batam’s Sekupang ferry terminal or direct from Singapore. Tanjung Balai itself is a friendly yet unattractive town but once you head north towards the mountain the landscapes are very pleasant and unspoilt for the most part. The best route to the top begins at the popular and well-known Air Terjun (waterfall) which is about 30 minutes by motorbike or car from Tanjung Balai. You can see the transmitter tower and compound from the road for many miles around.

From the (disappointing) waterfall, there are a few paths leading off into the forest so you may need to ask for local assistance as there are no signposts for Jantan. The trail is slightly overgrown at the start but after about 20 minutes the ridge is reached (120m) and the trail improves significantly. There is a trail leading down the other side of the ridge (to another starting point) but to reach the summit you must take a left turn straight up the ridge. The trail is very steep in places and there are some impressive large boulders on the way up. Because the hike is not so high above sea level the humidity and temperature can be overwhelming and your clothes will probably end up completely soaking in sweat. So, it is best to have a change of clothes, take plenty of water with you and climb as early in the day as possible.

After less than 90 minutes you will have reached the summit which is just above a large boulder outcrop and is crowned with a large cement compound and rusting metal tower. There is also a cement trig pillar in the compound. To get the impressive panorama of Singapore and the Malaysian peninsula it is necessary to climb up a few of the steps on the side of the metal tower. Take care because it is falling to pieces and sections higher up the tower have completely collapsed. In good weather you will be rewarded with a very interesting view indeed.

You can return the same way in an hour and enjoy a kelapa muda (young coconut juice) at the waterfall.

Bagging information by Daniel Quinn.
Nominated as a Spesial by Chris Whiting.


Getting there Regular fast ferries from Batam’s Sekupang terminal (1hr, Rp70,000) or Singapore’s harbourfront.
Accommodation Lots of accommodation in Tanjung Balai, as it’s a popular weekend trip for Singaporeans. However, the vast majority are definitely of the sleazy variety!
Permits Not usually required, especially if you start your hike early in the day.
Water sources There is a stream on the lower slopes of the mountain but it is best to take enough with you than rely on natural sources.
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): batam


Origins and Meaning

Literally ‘male’, ‘masculine’ or ‘manly’ mountain in Indonesian.

2 thoughts on “Jantan

  1. I took some picture above big solid rock (before tower) in Gunung Jantan.
    We need to climb wood branch ladder to access. Be careful when climb the rock, rock surface may be slippery. I do not recommend to conquer that point without safety gear. It’s your own risk.

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