Elevation: 2,933 m (9,623 ft) Prominence: 1,789 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Province: Jambi
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Bagging It!

This Ribu is the highest peak in Jambi province and is close to two lovely highland lakes – Lake Kumbang and Lake Mabuk. The starting point is Sungai Lalang – an 8-10 hour drive from Jambi airport. Reports vary but it is estimated that it is between 7 and 10 hours of hiking to the summit from Sungai Lalang.


Getting there Masurai is quite a distance from airports. Most people are likely to fly to Jambi before travelling to Bangko and spending a night there too. From Bangko it takes 3-4 hours to reach the trailhead by car.
Accommodation In Jambi there are a few basic hotels behind Novita Mall and Pizza Hut. Jambi Raya looks the best, followed by Hotel Anggrek. In Bangko the Hotel Suslinda is adequate and has rooms with hot water. Otherwise try the Permata.
Permits Unknown
Water sources Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): padang


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One thought on “Masurai

  1. The plan was to climb this about a week ago before heading on to Talakmau and Sorikmarapi.
    After landing at Jambi we simply had to visit the Muara Jambi ancient Buddhist temple complex about 20km out of town. Absolutely brilliant – much more spacious and peaceful than Borobudur. Unfortunately for me (vegetarian) the reported Indian cuisine in Jambi city itself turned out to be a disappointing meaty Indonesian ‘martabak’ with a little mild Indian influence. Not the array of decent rice, lentil curry etc etc I was hoping for which makes such a wonderful change from the stodgy white rice you normally get served in Indonesia.

    Later the same day we set off for Bangko (it cost about Rp800,000 for the full day of the Muara Jambi trip and then getting dropped off in Bangko) via Sarolangun where we stopped for a meal. It took about 5 hours from Jambi to Bangko (not including meal time).

    The local hikers who had agreed to take us to Masurai were getting rather vague on information and once we had checked in at the Suslinda I invited them over to discuss the plans for the following morning. Alas, the whole thing was an utter shambles and nothing had been properly prepared according to plan and estimates of prices and distances/times were varying wildly. Indeed, the first chap who arrived was asking me all the questions (such as ‘how are we going to get to the mountain?’) and I had to tell him that it was I that had requested such information from him. After having confirmed that transport was ready for us earlier in the day, he had later admitted that it wasn’t and finally asked if I wanted some arranging.

    6 hours up became 10 hours up and 400,000 for car hire to the trailhead became 600,000 and we would require 2 cars to get everyone there! Not the sort of thing you want to be arranging at the last minute (especially when you had been discussing it for several weeks in advance in order to avoid wasting time).

    Conversations were going round in circles and what was quite a simple plan ended up being totally over-complicated. This was at about 10pm after a long drive and on a tight schedule which would mean we would have to leave at 5am the following morning. It was as if I had not asked anything about the mountain until 5 minutes ago and as if they had never climbed it as we could get almost no straight answers out of them and they seemed totally unreliable. We had already spent several hours in a conversation that they seemed only to be vaguely aware of. It was a farce beyond belief. They seemed to want to put us off the hike altogether with talk of a difficult trail, leeches and tigers.

    So I decided that even if we had agreed to the new higher prices and had enough time for a potential 3-day hike (as opposed to the 6 hours up, 6 hours down we had been told originally) then the chances of these guys getting us lost or just deciding they couldn’t be bothered to continue was high enough to change our plans and come back another time. A real shame and deeply disrespectful to us who had travelled for such a long time to try to climb the mountain. If you can’t help, or are genuinely incompetent, don’t offer to help in the first place.

    So a phone call to the legendary Pak Subandi in Kersik Tua it was and we were off the next morning to the wonderful Kerinci region to arrange a hike to Gunung Tujuh and its huge highland crater lake.

    Hope to be back for Masurai next year if I can find some half-reliable people to help.

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