Not-yet-famous peaks near Tasik and Garut.

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    Wow, first post to the Gunung Bagging Forum!

    During ‘lockdown’ I have been thinking a lot about peaks I haven’t explored well or at all in south-eastern West Java, i.e near Tasikmalaya. Kereta Api train services now go direct from Jakarta which is a huge improvement on previous years.

    My own targets are as follows: Gunung Cakrabuana, Puncak Dindingari, and Gunung Karacak.

    Cakrabuana is north of Sawal, and can be hiked from several places including a tea plantation.

    Dindingari is a great viewpoint over Galunggung crater. Until recently pretty unheard of. But now possible in just 3 hours (one way).

    Karacak is an obscure peak near Garut. Currently trying to get more info from a local guide….

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