Internet providers in Jabodatabek.

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    Wondering what other internet providers folk use in Indonesia….. the quality varies so much and even within one company from one month to the next. I try to avoid lengthy contracts because of this and find using a ‘pay as you go’ data package on your phone such as Telkomsel as a hotspot can actually be as good as a proper internet package, believe it or not!

    Back in South Jakarta a couple of years ago the Indosat package was cheap and good… until it suddenly dropped and we ended up using my Telkomsel data on my phone as a better method of getting online! Now we’re in BSD and My Republic were the only option at first. Quite expensive by Indonesian standards and I have to say barely any better than alternatives…. initially it was ok but a few months ago all non-secure pages (i.e http not https) had awful MyRepublic adverts all over them which prevented you reading what you wanted to read. Took a couple of weeks to get someone round to fix it and no proper apology, just a lot of money wasted on calling customer service.

    And this evening…. they sent me two emails in quick succession. The first saying sorry about a problem in your area with the speed. And a second email just a few minutes later saying I have been selected for an upgrade from May which costs more, worded so manipulatively for it to be entirely unclear whether this is an offer or whether I actually have to opt out of this. Tried to phone them…. English help press 2…. always get someone speaking Indonesian whether you press 2 for English or not….. so I ended up just emailing them instead. Is this just for show? A bit like the thermometers at malls that currently record temperatures – usually not calibrated and showing temperatures way too low to the point of hypothermia – is it sheer incompetence or deliberately done so that nobody will show up as potentially having a fever?

    Anyway, I wonder if My Republic head office (in Singapore?) know about how awful they are over here. In short, I do not recommend at all – high cost and poor, manipulative service.

    There is now another option here in BSD (forgotten which one) so if My Republic try to auto upgrade me to something without my consent I will change providers.


    If I am not mistaken, the Indonesian subsidiary of My Republic is controlled by Sinar Mas, who of course control BSD. So, it may be hard to find alternatives. I had a very bad experience with Biz Net for what it is worth.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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