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    Welcome to the Gunung Bagging Forum.

    First of all, please use it a lot so we keep it active!

    A few rules:

    1. If not a general question, please post in the relevant region.
    2. Please use the English language. If you can’t speak English, please at least try a Google Translate before posting. Otherwise, use a forum that is better suited to you.
    3. No commercial postings. If you want to be listed as a local guide, contact Gunung Bagging via the contact section of the main website. We will try to help. If you simply need a few more participants to make your trip go ahead, then feel free to post.
    4. Be aware of local rules and regulations in Indonesia, Malaysia and East Timor. No offensive posts or political comments that could get the site in trouble. Please do not give the Moderator a bigger job than necessary, or risk being banned as on any forum of this sort.
    5. Posts about related outdoor activities such as coastal walks, cycling, and so on are absolutely fine!


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