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    Ok, not especially related to hiking, but I’m trying to give myself something to do as I wait for work to re-open!

    My favourite local coffee, by far, is Keta Kete Kopi Lelet from the Rembang area in Central Java. Absolutely fabulous. Very earthy and very fine. No sugar allowed! The best one is the regular black packaging one, but there are two others also exceedingly pleasant…. the turquoise one which is a dark roast and the red one which is actually from the slopes of Gunung Muria not too far away.

    I discovered this after hiking Argopuro Lasem – a different Argopuro just 800m or so high above the town of Lasem. Lasem ought to be much more famous than it is, with traditional Chinese architecture from several centuries ago and unique local batik.

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    The fresh coffee they grind at the Jagorawi Golf Club is delicious. The brand name is Dixi (I think) and it comes from Aceh. Hints of chocolate for some reason.

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