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    Well, after spending probably 50 hours or more planning 2020 to perfection and buying a lot of tickets, including for a UK trip over summer, I have like many been trying to get refunds where possible given that policies change, companies go bankrupt, and I need to save what I can for any salvaged trips later in the year. In short, I reckon cutting your losses is the best course of action right now, as even the experts cannot tell us when we will have the basic rights to go for a hike again.

    It has been a mixed bag, with Air Asia trying to get sympathy while holding onto your money for services that cannot be / have not been provided. I see they are planning to be up and running again on May 7th in Indonesia which strikes me as bizarre!

    Weirdest yet is the usually very professional Kereta Api Indonesia. I tend to book via Traveloka because their app is so much better than the KAI Access one. Anyway, the big disadvantage of that is that Traveloka do not currently have the authority to issue train ticket refunds, and their advice is either (1) visit a train station to get a refund or (2) call 121. Number 1 is utterly astounding given the government has forbidden people from leaving their houses for the time being at least in the Jakarta area and other large cities. So I called 121. They too cannot offer refunds! They say (1) go to a station or (2) use the Access app. Again, number 1 is as far as I can see totally out of the question, so what a government-owned company is doing advising people to break the lockdown is beyond my comprehension. So I tried number 2. This is not intuitive at all if you didn’t book the ticket using this app. You need to find the ‘add ticket’ or ‘add booking’ button and bring up the ticket booked elsewhere and then claim a refund. I am getting 75% which is better than nothing. Could be 100% if the lockdowns are extended but I would rather just do my refund admin this week to the best of my ability.

    Ah, 2020, what a horror.

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