Western Hill


Elevation: 833 m (2,733 ft) Prominence: 833 m
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Bagging It!

Western Hill is the highest point of the island of Penang or Pinang. Many visitors visit nearby Penang Hill, which is easily accessible and features temples, restaurants, souvenir stalls, an owl museum and a pitcher plant garden. There is actually a funicular railway which starts at Air Itam and takes you most of the way to the top. The highest point of the Penang Hill area is Bukit Bendera (‘flag hill’) at around 735m.

Western Hill is about a mile along Summit Road but sees almost no visitors, however, because the summit has a private military radar station with radar domes on it. You can get close to it but ‘bagging’ the summit is not currently possible.

In addition to approaching from the easy, touristy Penang Hill side, there is another route up (or down) which is the toughest trek on the island and is a real hike. It starts in the north of the island at Taman Rimba (Forest Park) at Teluk Bahang (the dam). This trails leads up Bukit Laksamana which at 805m is the second-highest peak on the island, and the views to the north coast at Pantai Aceh are fine. It is a significant hike, though, so set out early and allow a full day if you are doing a ‘traverse’.


Getting there Penang has an international airport making this one of the most accessible hikes described on Gunung Bagging.
Accommodation A vast array of options across the island.
Permits coming soon.
Water sources Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Penang, Malaysia


One thought on “Western Hill

  1. Just received the following comment from a keen American hiker who was up here.

    “I have been to Western Hill. There is a radar station on the close hill and a military base on the second one. It is hard to know how much of the original land is there since there was so much construction. I also couldn’t tell if I was in any off limits area since it was 2 am. Perhaps it is best done at that hour. The stray dogs were vicious on the way down, and the maps on my phone were wildly inaccurate for my attempted shortcuts. My coworkers thought I was insane.”

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