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93 Spesial peaks on the islands of Java, Bali, Bawean, Weh, Sumatra, Manado Tua, Ruang, Tagulandang, Halmahera, Krakatau, Sebesi, Karimun, Panaitan, Borneo, Flores, Mules, Lembata, Pantar, Komodo, Rinca, Timor, Banda, Ambon, Damar, Paluwe, Manuk, Serua, Nila, Teun, Gunungapi Wetar and Una-una. These peaks do not have 1,000 metres prominence and/or are not, strictly speaking, in the country of Indonesia. Whereas the Ribu list is based on objective prominence-based criteria, the list of Spesial peaks is very much a subjective and growing one and we therefore welcome suggestions for additions to it. If you know a good peak which is missing then please do get in touch and we will consider making an addition. There are several criteria for appearing on this list – all peaks will meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Interest – the mountain or volcano is of significant interest (geological, historical, etc.) and regarded as definitely being worth visiting. It may be a popular hike or indeed relatively unknown. Anak Krakatau and Banda Api are examples.
  • “Almost a Ribu” – the mountain or volcano comes ever so close to reaching the required 1,000 metres prominence for Ribu status. Halimun (938m prominence) is an example.
  • “Previously a Ribu” – the mountain or volcano was previously in the list of Ribus but now no longer qualifies. This may be due to new topographical information of greater accuracy or perhaps even due to a major eruption which alters the shape and stature of the peak.
  • “Different Country, Same Island” – the mountain or volcano is a very prominent peak in the Malaysian part of Borneo island or the East Timor part of Timor island. Kinabalu is the obvious example. At present, all Ultras in the Malaysian part of Borneo and the East Timor part of Timor island are included here. (Papua New Guinea is currently not considered due to the immensity of the additions required).

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    Statistics and Links to Spesials

    Name Elevation Prominence Province Island Bagging Info
    Valentiyn 4,453 m 807 m Papua New Guinea
    Kinabalu (Low’s Peak) 4,095 m 4,095 m Sabah (Malaysia) Borneo
    Kemiri 3,317 m 851 m Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Sumatra
    Ramelau 2,963 m 2,963 m Timor Leste Timor
    Bawakaraeng 2,830 m 514 m Sulawesi Selatan Sulawesi
    Katopasa 2,825 m 790 m Sulawesi Tengah Sulawesi
    Bromo (Pananjakan) 2,782 m 586 m Jawa Timur Java
    Trusmadi 2,643 m 1,702 m Sabah (Malaysia) Borneo
    Dieng (Prau) 2,600 m 938 m Jawa Tengah Java
    Patuha 2,434 m 964 m Jawa Barat Java
    Murud 2,423 m 1,967 m Sarawak (Malaysia) Borneo
    Mulu 2,376 m 2,025 m Sarawak (Malaysia) Borneo
    Matebean Mane 2,372 m 2,045 m Timor Leste Timor
    Nokilalaki 2,355 m 756 m Sulawesi Tengah Sulawesi
    Malabar (Puncak Besar) 2,343 m 714 m Jawa Barat Java
    Poco Ranakah 2,292 m 581 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Flores
    Guntur (Masigit) 2,249 m 758 m Jawa Barat Java
    Sibayak (Pintau) 2,212 m 762 m Sumatera Utara Sumatra
    Wayang-Windu 2,182 m 373 m Jawa Barat Java
    Apad Runan 2,099 m 973 m Kalimantan Utara Borneo
    Tangkuban Parahu 2,084 m 707 m Jawa Barat Java
    Pasu 2,078 m 983 m Sumatera Selatan Sumatra
    Burangrang 2,064 m 425 m Jawa Barat Java
    Bukit Batu 2,040 m 1,574 m Sarawak (Malaysia) Borneo
    Sembuang 2,028 m 954 m Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Sumatra
    Gawalise 2,023 m 713 m Sulawesi Tengah Sulawesi
    Malintang 1,994 m 568 m Sumatera Barat Sumatra
    Pusuk Buhit 1,982 m 810 m Sumatera Utara Sumatra
    Rakutak 1,957 m 378 m Jawa Barat Java
    Ambesu 1,957 m 996 m Sulawesi Selatan Sulawesi
    Kaba 1,952 m 857 m Bengkulu Sumatra
    Halimun (North) 1,929 m 938 m Banten Java
    Buntu Puang 1,925 m 852 m Sulawesi Selatan Sulawesi
    Telomoyo 1,894 m 617 m Jawa Tengah Java
    Seminung 1,881 m 958 m Lampung Sumatra
    Lubuk Raya 1,880 m 874 m Sumatera Utara Sumatra
    Manglayang 1,835 m 338 m Jawa Barat Java
    Kerenceng 1,742 m 863 m Jawa Barat Java
    Kelud 1,724 m 938 m Jawa Timur Java
    Liyang 1,720 m 982 m Kalimantan Tengah Borneo
    Batur 1,717 m 461 m Bali Bali
    Samosir 1,713 m 806 m Sumatera Utara Sumatra
    Kelimutu (Inspiration Point) 1,647 m 48 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Flores
    Lokon 1,580 m 842 m Sulawesi Utara Sulawesi
    Batikap 1,580 m xxx m Kalimantan Tengah Borneo
    Dua Saudara 1,351 m 949 m Sulawesi Utara Sulawesi
    Pulosari 1,346 m 890 m Banten Java
    Olet Takan 1,343 m 999 m Nusa Tenggara Barat Sumbawa
    Penrissen 1,326 m 893 m Kalimantan Barat Borneo
    Sangga Buana 1,279 m 808 m Jawa Barat Java
    Dukono 1,259 m 356 m Maluku Utara Halmahera
    Mbeliling 1,258 m 848 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Flores
    Ringgit 1,249 m 890 m Jawa Timur Java
    Buringayok 1,202 m 987 m Kalimantan Timur Borneo
    Sahuai 1,050 m 959 m Maluku Seram
    Buntung 1,034 m xxx m Kalimantan Timur Borneo
    Ili Werung (Lama Heru) 1,030 m 351 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Lembata
    Puruk Sandukui 1,003 m xxx m Kalimantan Tengah Borneo
    Mandum 977 m 977 m Papua Barat Weigeo
    Bongkok 970 m 702 m Jawa Barat Java
    Tuntuli 959 m 743 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Pantar
    Kelam 940 m 904 m Kalimantan Barat Borneo
    Pulau Besar 919 m 919 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Besar
    Parang 915 m 354 m Jawa Barat Java
    Wawo Lantambaga 909 m 909 m Sulawesi Tenggara Wowoni
    Bukit Jempol 900 m 630 m Sumatera Selatan Sumatra
    Kulat South 891 m xxx m Kalimantan Timur Borneo
    Rokatenda 875 m 875 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Paluwe
    Wurlali 868 m 868 m Maluku Damar
    Sebesi 844 m 844 m Lampung Sebesi
    Ara 824 m 824 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Komodo
    Rakata 813 m 813 m Lampung Rakata
    Kulat North 812 m xxx m Kalimantan Timur Borneo
    Manado Tua 805 m 805 m Sulawesi Utara Manado Tua
    Bukiri Kalongan 786 m 786 m Sulawesi Utara Thulandang
    Laworkawra 781 m 781 m Maluku Nila
    Batu Tara 748 m 748 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Komba
    Doro Ora 735 m 735 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Rinca
    Ruang 725 m 725 m Sulawesi Utara Ruang
    Pulau Bawean (Gunung Besar) 655 m 655 m Jawa Timur Bawean
    Pulau Weh (Cot Kulam) 648 m 648 m Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Weh
    Banda Api 640 m 640 m Maluku Banda Api
    Iya 657 m 611 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Flores
    Serawerna 655 m 655 m Maluku Teun
    Wuarlapna 641 m 641 m Maluku Serua
    Mules 549 m 549 m Nusa Tenggara Timur Mules
    Colo 507 m 507 m Sulawesi Tengah Una-una
    Batu Daya 499 m 451 m Kalimantan Barat Borneo
    Jantan 439 m 439 m Kepulauan Riau Karimun
    Raksa 329 m 329 m Banten Panaitan
    Anak Krakatau 324 m 324 m Lampung Anak Krakatau
    Gunungapi Wetar 282 m 282 m Maluku Gunungapi Wetar
    Manuk 282 m 282 m Maluku Manuk