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Elevation: 1,982 m (6,503 ft) Prominence: 810 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerSpesial Province: Sumatera Utara (North Sumatra)
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Bagging It!

This lovely mountain is located near Pangururan just to the west of Samosir island and Lake Toba. It is best known for the (very) hot springs that are located on its lower slopes.

“Pusuk Buhit is widely known as a sacred hill for all Batak descendants…The elders told their descendants that long time ago, the first Batak man was born supernaturally on the summit of Pusuk Buhit. He was known King of Batak. Only few meters from the valley, climbers can see the splendid statues of the Batak King. The King was told to be able to turn into seven different faces. Yet, his real face was none of those seven faces. He was born with extraordinary power that until today, many Batak people believed in his powers. There are not few people who purposely climbed Pusuk Buhit to pray to him and ask for bless and power. Mostly are those who have difficulties in life, get ill and dying and so forth.” Quoted from Tobaguide.com


Getting there Best done from Medan via the Tuktuk ferry. The starting point is about one hour from Tuktuk.
Accommodation Available in several places on Samosir island.
Permits Unknown – take a photocopy of your passport photo page just incase.
Water sources Unknown – probably too much sulphur in it anyway
Fund or join an expedition: fund expeditions small Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): parapat


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    Having now almost exhausted all the hiking options that are possible from Jakarta in a regular weekend, I’ve been attempting some pretty mad weekends of almost continuous travel in order to climb something new before the end of the year. It was always going to be a tall order to get to Toba and back (and climb Pusuk Buhit) in a weekend and… I failed.

    It might be possible, but only if you were lucky and had everything running smoothly and ‘on time’… a very non-Indonesian concept.

    I flew into the new Kualanamu airport near Medan on Friday night. Very impressive – easily Indonesia’s best airport (once all of the shops have fully opened). The weather was horrendous – torrential rain. Alas, the train service to Medan from the airport is so infrequent that for most arrivals it is going to be quicker, though more expnesive to take a taxi (150,000). I checked the forecast for the weekend and it looked pretty dismal. Turns out the worst times for heavy rain in North Sumatra are at the changes from dry to rainy season (and vice versa) so October and April are the months to avoid.

    You would expect there to be a decent, reliable and affordable transport service connecting Medan with Lake Toba and there sometimes is. A seat in one of the shared cars from Raja Taksi costs a reasonable Rp75,000. I booked one for the first departure, 9am, for the following morning.

    The expected happened as I got a call at 8am say ‘so 1pm yeah, mister’? I explained I had to leave no later than 9am or else I would have no time to go hiking at all. At their little office it turned out that I was the only person that morning who wanted to go to Toba. This is probably because they have no website and have not taken advantage of what an online ‘presence’ could do for their business. 9am came and went, 9.45am and still nobody else, and storm clouds gathering. Pusuk Buhit would have to wait til another time. And so a city weekend it was – Kesawan Hotel was great value for money and opposite the lovely colonial restaurant Tip Top on Jl A Yani near Merdeka Walk and the railway station.

    Raja Taksi can be contacted at raja_taksi@yahoo.com or 061 736555.

    Posted by Dan | October 24, 2013, 13:20

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