Lampung province is located at the southern tip of Sumatra island. The provincial capital, Bandar Lampung, is easily accessible from Jakarta, by aeroplane or by DAMRI bus (via ferry across the Sunda Strait) from Gambir station. Anak Krakatau, Rakata and Sebesi are all islands in the Sunda Strait. The first of these is, of course, the new volcano which rose from the ocean three decades after the original Krakatau erupted in 1883 and continues to grow by 5 metres a year. Rajabasa, Pesawaran (Ratai) and Tanggamus are forest peaks all within easy reach of Bandar Lampung. Pesagi and Tebak are slightly harder to reach, lying in North Lampung.

A Selection of Photos of Lampung’s Ribus

Map of Lampung’s Ribus

Download these peaks as a kml file.

Statistics and Links to Lampung’s Ribus

Name Elevation Prominence Ribu Category Island Bagging Info
Pesagi 2,219 m 1,362 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra Yes
Tebak 2,115 m 1,150 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra
Tanggamus 2,102 m 1,382 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sumatra Yes
Seminung 1,881 m 958 m Google MarkerSpesial Sumatra
Pesawaran (Ratai) 1,682 m 1,265 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Sumatra Yes
Rajabasa 1,281 m 1,259 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Sumatra Yes
Sebesi 844 m 844 m Google MarkerSpesial Sebesi Yes
Rakata 813 m 813 m Google MarkerSpesial Rakata Yes
Anak Krakatau 324 m 324 m Google MarkerSpesial Anak Krakatau Yes

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