Gorontalo is a province in the island of Sulawesi, bordering North Sulawesi. The provincial capital is Gorontalo city. There are one or two daily flights from Jakarta but many more from nearby North Sulawesi’s Manado.

Little is currently known about the Ribus in this province.

Map of Gorontalo’s Ribus

Download these peaks as a kml file.

Statistics and Links to Gorontalo’s Ribus

Name Elevation Prominence Ribu Category Island Bagging Info
Tentolomatinan 2,230 m 1,564 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sulawesi
Boliohutu (Huido Ileile) 2,072 m 1,227 m Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Sulawesi
Dapi 1,694 m 1,167 m Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Sulawesi

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