Elevation: 1,326 m (4,350 ft) Prominence: 893 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerSpesial Province: Kalimantan Barat (West Kalimantan)
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    Bagging It!

    Mount Penrissen is on the Indonesia-Malaysia border but the highest point appears to be in Indonesia. It is close to the Borneo Highlands golf club and is one of the most accessible peaks from Kuching on the Malaysian side.

    Nominated as a Spesial by Chris Whiting.


    Getting there Unfortunately there is no public transport to the area so you will need to hire a car and driver for the day(s) for perhaps 300 Ringgit per day.
    Accommodation Plenty available to suit all budgets in Kuching.
    Permits As of 2014, Borneo Highlands Resort charge 220 Ringgit (per person) for a guide for the dayhike to Penrissen summit. Contact Janetta Hazel
    Water sources Unknown
    Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): kuching


    3 thoughts on “Penrissen

    1. I arrived into Kuching from Sibu feeling fairly fed up with how the project had been progressing. Success with Mulu but only some preliminary information and photos for both Murud and Bukit Batu. I was hoping things would change in the Kuching area with Penrissen, Santubong and Pueh/Rumput.

      I fancied trying Santubong first – a sharp 810-metre peak just 30km from Kuching on the Damai peninsula in what was declared a national park in 2007. There are two starting points – Checkpoint 2 is at Bukit Puteri and is slightly higher up so can shave an hour of your hiking time compared to if you start your hike further on at Green Paradise Seafood which is presumably Checkpoint 1. I thought it might be nice to start at one trailhead and come down to the other, thereby getting a good understanding of different parts of the mountain. There seems to be some confusion over entrance fees with some sources stating 8 ringgit per hiker and others suggesting that an owner of Green Paradise is overcharging hikers who try to access the mountain via ‘her property’. By all accounts the trek is steep involving ladders and roped sections.

      Some tour operators in Kuching offer this day-trip but it’s 170 Ringgit per person and you almost certainly need a few people signed up or else it won’t be worth their while. Given that the K15 bus from Saujana bus terminal only takes 45 minutes each way and appeared to be a regular service I figured I could do it myself on a budget. So I went shopping for water and snacks for my day out the next day and was looking forward to finally using my hiking boots for hiking again.

      I got up the following morning at 6am and trekked over to Saujana bus terminal. Saujana is not especially pleasant or orderly, with buses turning up on various streets and no way of knowing where you should wait unless you ask at the information desk that doesn’t open until 8am. The 7am bus on the timetable back at the hostel never showed up. I consulted the boards at Saujana. 7.30 – another half an hour, that’s ok. 7.30am came and went and still no bus. Finally at 8am the desk opened and I made enquiries. It turns out that these Santubong bus services have been halved meaning that the first bus of the day is not until mid-morning. There would not be an early bus again that week, or perhaps for the foreseeable future, therefore making the plan of a dayhike starting nice and early to beat the high temperatures and humidity down near sea level rather more difficult. A word of advice on this – don’t trust the timetables even the ones on display at the info desk as they are wrong. Why they still have incorrect information displayed is a good question that staff were not able to answer! So, it meant either finding others interested in hiking with me to share the cost of a car and driver for a day or else starting late in the day and not being sure of when the last bus might be coming back. It was disappointing.

      Disappointment followed disappointment as I discovered that there was absolutely no public transport for Penrissen and that the price for a guide from Borneo Highlands resort which is at the main trailhead would be 220 Ringgit per person for just a short dayhike. Combing the high guide cost with the need to hire a car and driver for a full day from Kuching meant that this again was going to negatively affect the budget. How could ordinary hikers enjoy these places except by having local friends to help them or by hitch-hiking?

    2. if you like gunungs and golf it doesnt get much better than this. getting to the start of the hike will require transport to the borneo highlands resort which is about 1 hour from the entrance to the resort the security guard will organise the resort bus to pick you up and then its a very bumpy half hour ride up to the golf course which is already at 1000 meters.this is my favourite golf course in malaysia as it is in amongst untouched forest and has penrissen as the backdrop.i didnt climb penrissen but the views at the lookout near the start of the climb are impressive as you can see a vast expanse of the kalimantan area. you will also see views of a couple of ribus ( merdai, niut ) . since the resort is the only way to the summit and it is quite exclusive( they have a quota limit each day of golfers) you will have solitude and its rubbish free and the jungle is full of wildlife and fauna.the workers at the resort are very helpful and will take you to the start of the trek in a golf buggy.

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