Elevation: 1,236 m (4,055 ft) Prominence: 1,059 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerKurang Tinggi Province: Kalimantan Timur (East Kalimantan)
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Bagging It!

We currently know very little about this peak – please contact us if you can provide any information.


Getting there Unknown
Accommodation Unknown
Permits Take a photocopy of your passport photo page just incase.
Water sources Unknown
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): balikpapan


Origins and Meaning

‘Lumut’ means moss. So, “Mossy Mountain” might be a reasonable translation.

One thought on “Lumut

  1. Preliminary information from a researcher based in East Kalimantan….
    “The mountain can be climbed in one day… I think you could fly into Balikpapan on a Friday evening, and leave the same evening by car – including a ferry ride across Balikpapan Bay – to spend the night in Long Ikis (4h I think). If you leave early on Saturday morning from there (4WD would be your best option!), you can get to Mului (where you’ll definitely find someone who can take you up) well before noon and start hiking. If you come down too late, you can spend Saturday night in Mului, which is full of interesting characters and would only make it more special I suppose!
    Another option may be to take it more easy and spend the night on the mountain to come down in the morning. A few years ago there was a big biodiversity assessment carried out on Gunung Lumut, and they camped on the mountain too, so it should be possible, but I’ll obviously know more when I get back in April.

    Some side-info: Lumut is lowland/sub- and montane rainforest with a cloudy, wet micro-climate. This means it’s full of leeches when it’s been rainy and unfortunately also a malaria zone. Pretty much anyone going into the forest comes out sick unless precautions are taken…”

    There will almost definitely be a Gunung Bagging trip to Lumut and/or Beratus – later this year if we can squeeze it in or otherwise in 2012.

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