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Here is the latest list of hiking trips in Indonesia, Malaysia and East Timor, over the next year. These are led both by Gunung Bagging and by others, and can be commercial, non-commercial or somewhere in-between (see notes below).

You are welcome to submit your own trip plans for free using the form below, but we will only change the date once after it has been submitted initially (and this may take us some time if we are away on a trek ourselves). You might simply be looking to find hiking partners for a planned trek that you want to do or actually be wanting to publicize commercial trips. Both are fine, but commercial trip organizers must pay a fee of £10 via PayPal in advance for each trip advertised.

The earlier you announce or join them, the more chance there is of the trip happening. Flight costs are usually cheaper the more in advance you can book, and seats on weekend trains can sell out several weeks before the date. So it’s best to plan ahead as much as you can (our limit is 12 months). Most of the Gunung Bagging-led trips start and end in Jakarta, but you are welcome to join nearer the mountain.

Hikes in bold are Gunung Bagging hikes, usually with Dan.
Dates in italics are tentative and not yet confirmed.
Trips in RED are full and/or joining is no longer possible.
See the notes below for further information on the ‘code’ information.




Mountain Name




November 24-25 2018 Gunung Anjasmoro, East Java, Indonesia A weekend trip to East Java’s wild and forgotten mountain range. There is no information on anyone having reached the true highest peak. We hope to change that! 1 night camping.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
December 8-9 2018 A weekend in and around Penang, Malaysia After arriving from Jakarta (or elsewhere) on the Saturday we will visit the easy Gunung Jerai on the mainland. There is a road to the top with great views. Hotel back in Penang and then an early start on the Sunday for a traverse of Western Hill, the highest peak of the island (833m).
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
December 15-16 2018 Gunung Genuk, Central Java, Indonesia A weekend trip to a small but historically significant hill near Jepara. Train to Semarang on the Friday evening. Gunung Genuk (670m) is a short 2-3 hour hike and was the first peak to be properly mapped and measured over 100 years ago. This was the basis of all modern topographic maps of Java and nearby islands. The remains of the original cement triangulation pillar may be possible to be located in the undergrowth!
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
December 22- 29 hike only (or January 3 2019 to include Toraja) Gunung Gandangdewata, West Sulawesi, Indonesia 4 or 5-day expedition to a rarely-visited 3,000m + peak, followed by optional days relaxing in Tanah Toraja and exploring a couple of peaks near there. Only for the tough and experienced. 2-4 participants, 3 spaces left. Dates TBC. NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
January 19-20 2019 1 of 3 early 2019 weekends hiking near Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia Cameron Highlands weekend – hike to Gunung Irau (2,110m)
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
January 26-27 2019 Gunung Bintang, Peninsular Malaysia
2-day hike up one of northern Malaysia’s most significant mountains. Doable from Jakarta with the direct AirAsia flights to Penang.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
February 2-3 2019 2 of 3 early 2019 weekends hiking near Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia Two hikes. The very easy Ulu Kali at Genting Highlands and Gunung Nuang. NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
February 5th 2019 Gunung Rogojembangan, Central Java
A quick trip out of Jakarta for an easy sunrise hike on a national holiday. Get the train to Pekalongan the evening before at 7pm and return at 12noon (arriving back in Jakarta at 5pm on 5th).
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
February 9-10 2019 3 of 3 early 2019 weekends hiking near Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia Two hikes. Gunung Ophir (Ledang) and Gunung Rembau (Datuk). NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
February 16-17 2019 Gunung Raya, Langkawi,  Malaysia A weekend in Langkawi, including an easy hike to the 800m+ highpoint of the island for either sunset or sunrise. NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
March 7 2019 Bukit Timah, Singapore Very easy stroll to the 164m highpoint of Singapore. NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
March 19-30th 2019 Gunung Leuser expedition, Sumatra, Indonesia
10 very special days in the Gunung Leuser National Park, visiting the true highpoint plus the more famous peaks of Loser and Leuser. Read an excellent report here. 4 participants maximum and 3 minimum. Cost around Rp5-6 juta per hiker.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
April 2-5 2019 Gunung Kajang trip, Malaysia
Trip to Tioman island for a hike to the 1,038m peak. Possibly add on Gunung Beluut and/or Besar (Endau Rompin) if sufficient time.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
April 12-14 2019 Gunung Ara, Komodo Island, NTT, Indonesia Trip of a lifetime to the land of the Komodo Dragon, including Rinca island, Padar island and a hike up to the highest peak of Komodo island itself.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
April 18-21 2019 Gunung Seminung, Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia Long weekend to the large Danau Ranau and a hike up this lovely peak overlooking the lake. Involves flying to Bandar Lampung on the Thursday night then getting executive class train north. 1 night in a hotel, 1 night camping and 1 night on the night train back to Bandar Lampung before flying back mid-morning on the Sunday.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778
May 25-26 2019 Gunung Mbeliling, Flores, NTT, Indonesia Quick weekend trip to an increasingly popular mountain in Western Flores.
NC Dan Quinn / / +6281284062778


Code information:

C = Commercial trip. Deposit normally required. Speak to contact for details.
GC = Guide or trip leader’s costs are covered by participants but he or she does not make profit from the trip. These costs include his or her transport to and from the trailhead plus any simple accommodation required but does not include his or her food costs for which he or she should personally pay for. Trip may not go ahead without guide’s costs being fully covered. Speak to contact for details.
SAF = Small admin fee payable in advance. Deposit often required. Speak to contact for details.
NC = Non-commercial. Costs to be shared equally by participants. Usually pay cash on the day. Informal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst the vast majority of trips are great fun and no problems occur it is still vital to remember that all participants join at their own risk and should arrange their own travel insurance as appropriate. Gunung Bagging cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injury that could result from joining trips that are publicized on this page or the site in general, or for disagreements such as relating to non-refunded deposits. All agreements about the trips are held entirely between participants and the trip leader or contact listed. If you use Gunung Bagging to either join or publicize a trip then you agree to the above. One serious complaint or two minor complaints will result in users being blacklisted permanently.  This hasn’t happened yet and we hope it won’t!

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